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ELPRO Unveils LIBERO Cx BLE: “Hands-Free” Digital Automation

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07 Jun 2019

ELPRO LIBERO Cx BLE Automation Solution: Streamline cold chain shipments with automated hands-free device detection. Never touch a data logger again.


  • Wireless, Bluetooth® low energy (BLE) application enables greater safety, process efficiencies, and cost savings in cold supply chain shipments and storage.

  • Automated “hands free” device detection and report generation eliminates human error due to manual handling and enables faster product release.

  • Configurable filter criteria enables multiple workflow management with complex, large volume shipments

ELPRO, a global innovator in environmental cold chain monitoring and data intelligence services, has unveiled a new wireless application that automates readout of monitoring devices and enables faster product release. Ideally suited for temperature-sensitive shipments containing hundreds or thousands of units, the new LIBERO Cx BLE application completely transforms traditional manual monitoring processes by enabling hands-free monitoring device detection, readout and report distribution. This process improvement creates greater efficiency and cost savings in cold chain transport and storage of pharmaceuticals and perishable goods.  


This end-to-end solution provides cold chain operators a digitally automated process to establish a compliant stability budget assessment. Mistakes due to human handling errors are virtually eliminated as the app syncs to ELPRO LIBERO CE, CL and CH BLE data loggers placed directly within shipments.


Cold chain shipment verification has traditionally relied on human handling and manual report generation, often resulting in data gaps in reporting, readout mistakes and slower product release times.

Armin Feurstein, LIBERO Product Manager at ELPRO 

Key features and benefits of the new LIBERO Cx BLE application include:


  • Multiple Operating Systems: Free app available for smartphones, tablets or PCs on Android, Apple iOS and Windows.

  • Bluetooth® Low Energy: The latest standard offering fast and reliable “hands-free” operation

  • Filtering Criteria: Manage large volume, complex workflows with multiple logistics providers.

  • History Log: Full transparency of all transactions applied to all devices

  • Device Search Filtering: Easily locate and review status and data reports for specific devices

  • Automated Reporting: Faster product release and sending of data reports to a target location

  • Automated Bulk Process: Fast, reliable read-out and forwarding of data from multiple devices

  • Battery Saving Device: Optimized for low power consumption; longer lasting (2 years)

  • Password Protection: Greater security to protect valuable shipment data integrity

  • GAMP®5 Validated: Fully compliant and tested solution for the highest quality assurance

  • Deep Signal Penetration: Automated device detection in multiple box types (Foil, radiation inhibiting, etc.)

Our app enables automated “hands-free” processes, eliminating human error and inefficiency through wireless, continuous monitoring and distribution of reports to a specified location. We have added more value and capability over competitive brands to save cost and time. Customers will also appreciate unique filtering criteria to securely manage large volume automated workflows; even complex mixed load shipments with logistics companies, including 3PLs.

Armin Feurstein, LIBERO Product Manager at ELPRO 

Key advantages of the LIBERO Cx BLE automation over manual data logging include fewer investigations due to missing or incomplete records, faster product release facilitated by auto-report generation, and scalability across operations.


Interested companies can trial and pilot the hands-free automated solution by contacting their ELPRO sales representative or emailing online@elpro.com. For more information on this solution visit ELPRO.com.