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Cold Chain Monitoring
Solutions from ELPRO

Trusted End-to-End Compliance – From Production to Final Destination

Cold Chain Monitoring
Solutions from ELPRO

Trusted End-to-End Compliance – From Production to Final Destination

Cold chain refers to a low temperature-controlled supply chain monitoring products during production and transport, documenting in a GxP-compliant manner all individual stages to maintain product quality. There is a wide range of ELPRO solutions for various applications and temperature sensitive products with the these features and benefits.

Hardware and software is validated

according to the GAMP5 V-model

User management, protection against

tampering & audit trail



All sensors are calibrated and certified


Hassle-free transport by air freight

without extra documentation 


Proven Cold Chain Monitoring Solutions



Electronic "Smart" Indicators

ELPRO LIBERO ITS is the easiest, most affordable indicator for continuous temperature monitoring and calculating stability budgets of pharmaceutical products or clinical studies along the entire cold chain. Order preconfigured; automated packaging solutions are available

PDF USB Bluetooth Data Loggers

PDF/USB and Bluetooth® Data Loggers
ELPRO LIBERO CS, CB and CD is family of trusted and reliable single-use PDF data loggers for monitoring shipments. ELPRO LIBERO CL, CE and CH multi-use PDF & Bluetooth® data loggers are used for transportation and monitoring storage spaces.


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Cloud Database Solutions

Cloud Database Solutions
ELPRO's Cloud database solution, powered by our industry-leading liberoMANAGER software, is the ultimate dashboard tool for your cold chain transport monitoring. Analyze, assess, archive and report with 100% supply chain visibility.


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Real-Time Data Loggers
ELPRO LIBERO Gx Mobile IoT solutions for global real-time visibility of location, temperature, humidity, tilt, light and more. Ship via sea, air, land, and maintain compliance and data integrity every step of the way. 

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Cold Chain Monitoring Is Complex. We Can Help.



Whether you're monitoring at production sites, the collection of samples or end-to-end monitoring along the entire cold chain, ELPRO can help ensure quality and compliance at every point along the journey. Read more about it today.


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