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Continuous Environmental Monitoring for Biotech Labs, Cleanrooms and Freezers

100% Compliant and Audit-Proof

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Continuous Environmental Monitoring for Biotech Labs, Cleanrooms and Freezers

100% Compliant and Audit-Proof

Continuous Environmental Monitoring for Biotech Labs, Cleanrooms and Freezers


In the highly-regulated industry of manufacturing and developing advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP) for patients, including cell and gene therapies (CGT), compliant monitoring under good manufacturing practice is essential. ELPRO supports biotechnology industry innovation and leading life sciences therapeutics companies with comprehensive, cloud-based environmental monitoring for laboratories, cleanrooms, clean areas, warehouses and storage rooms. From biotech research start-ups to mature personalized therapeutics and tissue manufacturing operations, ELPRO systems help ensure FDA-approved, compliant biotech companies worldwide.

ELPRO Temperature Control Solutions for Life Sciences and Biotechnology Companies


Research and lab technicians, quality assurance and operations professionals at biotechnology companies worldwide rely on ELPRO technology to monitor environmental conditions in laboratories, cleanrooms, warehouses clinical sites and storage facilities. Ensure your biotechnology lab is GLP compliant with scalable, bespoke technology from ELPRO. 



Real-time biotech monitoring and scalability - all is one wireless system. Perfect for basic temperature and humidity monitoring. FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. Local radio bridge (RBR) connects up to 50 wireless battery powered sensors in the same location. 


  • Cloud-based software
  • Internet-of-Things
  • Number of sensors: unlimited
  • Simple user management
  • °C, %RH
  • Integration via Rest-API
  • GAMP5 validated
  • FDA CFR21 Part 11 compliant
  • Yearly sensor fees & sofware licence
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ECOLOG Unlimited

Designed for scaling and large next-generation bio-manufacturing facilities, ELPRO ECOLOG-PRO wired or wireless industry leading lab solutions enable bespoke integration into existing systems through API, providing robust analysis and reporting.   



  • Software on your infrastructure
  • Embedded in your network
  • Number of sensors: Unlimited
  • Unlimited user management
  • °C, %RH, Digital Input, Digital Output, 4to20mA
  • Integrated inside to your own database and infrastructure
  • GAMP5 validated
  • FDA CFR 21 Part 11 compliant
  • Buy the software & maintenance agreement
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Perfect for cryo tanks used in ultra-low shipments and storage. Multi-use PDF Logger with USB interface for use with external Pt100 temperature probe





  • Parameters: Temperature
  • Multi-use: Start/stop or loop mode
  • PDF Report: Alarm statistics and graph
  • Alarm: 8 levels
  • Read out: USB or Bluetooth®
  • Lifetime: 3 years
  • Button cell battery (IATA compliant)
  • GAMP5-validated
  • FDA 21 CFR 11 compliant
  • Free calibration certificate
  • App: iOS and Android
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GxP Services:

Qualification, Temperature Mapping and Monitoring in Biotechnology Labs and Temperature Controlled Chambers


Biotechnology industry environments are highly-regulated and require maximum traceability and data integrity. GDP, GLP, and GMP compliant solutions are required for your biotechnology laboratory, research and storage facilities. Gain peace of mind and ensure worry-free audits. From pharmaceuticals to the development of advanced therapeutics, ELPRO GxP experts can guide your team through the entire qualification process. Whether you're a start-up or mature biopharma manufacturing facility, ELPRO GxP validation engineers can assist with every facet of keeping your facility 100% compliant and audit-proof. 


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Focus on Life Changing Research, Therapies and Clinical Studies...
Let ELPRO Handle the Monitoring. 


Trusted biopharmaceutical life science monitoring solutions and and compliant audit-proof data integrity.



Biopharma Compliance

Your partner in GMP, GDP, and GLP. Including temperature mapping of laboratories, rooms and equipment.



Flexible and adaptive systems that can grow with your labs and company, whatever the pace.



Peace of Mind

Redundant technology that protects your data, ensures integrity and inspires confidence your work is secure.





Easy Reporting and Analysis

Automated processes and easy reporting







GAMP5 validated solutions and FDA CFR 21 Part 11 compliant





Rest easy knowing your valuable product and research are protected with a system backed by over three decades of experience. 

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Protect Critical Biotechnology with ELPRO Laboratory, Storage and Cleanroom Monitoring



In our experience, the price of a compliant monitoring system with remote alarming usually averages out to be around 5-10 percent of the total value of the assets it is protecting. A relatively small percentage when you consider the total cost of losing your valuable assets and irreplaceable (priceless) biological samples and/or research without a proven, trusted remote alarm system and data monitoring redundancy. Not to mention the potential costs of litigation.


HIGH Value Assets on Site
Value of product and research on site = $1,000,000
Monitoring System with remote alarming =$60,000
Percentage to ensure assets are protected: 6%


Capital Investment Assurance for Investors and Board Members



Safeguard irreplaceable, high-value biologics samples and research from freezer failure in your biomanufacturing facilities. Industry-leading ELPRO software and hardware solutions enable lab and site managers to perform predictive analyses on used lab equipment, such as freezers, ultra-low freezers, and refrigerators. Software monitoring solutions provide

  • Enable Easy Analytics
  • Automated Reporting 
  • Remote Warning and Alarm Notifications 

Customized reporting allows laboratory technicians to preempt refrigerator or freezer failure and take actions to protect cell cultures and priceless, irreplaceable research samples.

Cleanroom Qualification? Let ELPRO Experts Guide Your Path to Compliance


Environmental Monitoring In Regulated Labs and Cleanrooms

Practical guide for lab managers to help maintain compliance


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Biotech Startup? A scalable monitoring solution may be exactly what you need.

Read the story of how ELPRO helped ensure a GMP compliant solution for a large biotech production environment


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