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Temperature Data Logger and Monitoring Solutions


ELPRO's innovative monitoring technology ensures 100% GxP compliance and a user-friendly method to accurately monitor temperature, humidity, and other parameters across the pharmaceutical and product life cycle supply chain. To support complicated distribution networks, fully qualified, compliant, and reliable solutions are required. For over three decades, the world’s leading pharma, life science and healthcare and logistics companies have trusted ELPRO for that level of data integrity. Contact us today to find out more. ColdChainSupply-2

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Explore monitoring data options by your application or by product solutions, check out GxP qualification and mapping services, or get easy instant access to downloads at your fingertips.




From cleanrooms and warehouses to laboratory freezers, refrigerators or LN2 cryo shippers, explore ELPRO monitoring systems to record temperature and humidity data for any application.



Find ELPRO GxP services, temperature data loggers, wireless monitoring systems, temperature monitoring software and more, including our industry-leading LIBERO brand of products.



Everything you need to know about Temperature Monitoring, Calibration, Qualification, Mapping and many more. Discover our Downloads and Video Series.



Get quick and easy access to ELPRO’s software applications to configure your data loggers, analyze your data, download copies of calibration certificates and more.


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Product Solutions

Cold Chain Monitoring of Products in Transit

From APIs, production rooms, and cold room storage to labeling, clinical trials and the last miles, ELPRO ensures precision temperature data monitoring at every stage in the Cold Chain. Ask us about cryogenic shipments in transit, end-to-end stability budget management and DtP shipment.

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Temperature Monitoring Data for Labs Equipment

Monitoring temperature and humidity in labs and controlled storages areas, refrigerators, freezers, ultra-low (ULT) freezers, incubators, cleanrooms and more can be a challenge in today’s demanding pharma, biotech or life science environments. Monitoring a few freezers and refrigerators in a research lab, or hundreds of freezers in locations across several states? ELPRO can help. 

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GxP Services, Qualification, Consulting Calibration

Annual calibration of temperature data monitoring systems, qualification of rooms, equipment, and fleets, temperature mapping services and expert GxP guidance, ELPRO has you covered. Contact us today to schedule a call with our GxP services team to help you on your way to 100% compliance.