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ELPRO's Commitment to Sustainable Business Practices


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28 Jan 2020

Alongside process automation and the development of customer-oriented end-to-end solutions, sustainability is an important cornerstone of ELPRO's future-oriented, economic approach. Sustainability is integrated into all our activities and the entire value chain, from product development and procurement to manufacturing and disposal at the end of the life cycle. In this article of the elproINSIGHTS series, we talk about ELPRO's commitment to sustainable business practices.


As a member of the Bosch Group, ELPRO has also been striving to contribute to Bosch's sustainability strategy and vision: "New Dimensions - Sustainability 2025" since 2022. It covers six areas – climate action, health, human rights, water, circular economy and diversity – to which ELPRO contributes.


Powering a sustainable future: ELPRO's climate action journey


A major focus is on climate action and reducing our carbon footprint. The Bosch Group achieved climate neutrality across over 400 locations worldwide in 2020 by increasing energy efficiency, generating renewable energy, purchasing green electricity and offsetting remaining emissions. ELPRO's facility in Switzerland became carbon-neutral in January 2023 and is certified to the Minergie™ standard for energy-efficient buildings. This year, we installed rooftop solar panels designed to produce one-third of our annual electricity needs. We are already refueling our electric pool vehicles with our own green electricity.

Protecting (our) people: ELPRO's commitment to health and safety

Ensuring the health, safety and well-being of employees, customers, suppliers and communities is paramount. We comply with all relevant laws and regulations, conduct continuous equipment safety checks, and design ergonomic workplaces. Our employee health protection measures cover both physical and mental health.

Human rights in business: ELPRO's pledge to global principles

ELPRO upholds the United Nations’ Global Compact principles and International Labour Organization (ILO) standards. And we require our suppliers to do the same. Therefore, our Code of Conduct for suppliers requires ethical practices like prohibiting child/forced labor, allowing freedom of association, ensuring workplace safety, and protecting the environment. 

Small actions, big impact: our daily commitment to resource conservation

The sustainable use of vital resources such as water, electricity and raw materials concerns everyone every day - both in our private lives and at work. We therefore raise awareness among our employees and support them every day in using these resources carefully, for example through intelligent waste separation or the use of energy- and water-saving devices. 

Closing the loop: ELPRO's circular economy approach to data loggers

When developing new product designs, we at ELPRO focus on extended life through longer battery life and multiple use cases, using state-of-the-art technologies to maximize life. 

And we have implemented a circular economy process for LIBERO data loggers to reuse valuable hardware components and valuable raw materials. We encourage customers to return used data loggers, allowing A-grade components with 10-20 year lifespans to be refurbished and reintegrated into production.

For quantities over 500 units, ELPRO assists with shipping and covers the costs. Returned data loggers undergo a controlled re-utilization process, ensuring maximum 1-3 use cycles depending on type/criticality. Non-reusable parts are properly recycled. This approach prevents early disposal, maximizes lifecycle use, ensures component availability despite global shortages, and reduces virgin raw material needs.

Diversity drives innovation: ELPRO's formula for success

Diversity is a core value at ELPRO and the Bosch Group. We foster an inclusive culture that protects against discrimination and embraces the unique perspectives and experiences our associates contribute. Equal opportunities unleash our full potential.

Intelligent solutions, sustainable future: ELPRO's commitment recognized

As technological innovators, we are dedicated to developing intelligent solutions that create lasting value for our customers, society and the environment. Therefore, sustainability is integrated into our corporate strategy and decision-making at all levels.
And our sustainability commitment has been validated by third parties, too. In 2023, ELPRO earned an "ESG Score B - good sustainability" from Synesgy and the EcoVadis gold medal for sustainability achievements.