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LIBERO Cx BLE Automation Solution: 

Eliminate errors. Reduce costs. Increase efficiency. Simplify your cold chain monitoring by implementing hands-free, Bluetooth® automation


Easy Storage Monitoring For Pharma Industry Pros

Protect Medicine. Stress Less.

GAMP®5 Validated 

Fully compliant and tested solution for the highest quality assurance. 
Bluetooth® Low Energy
The latest standard (version 5.3) offering fast and reliable hands-free operation.
Multiple Operating Systems 
Free app for smartphones and tablets on Android (coming soon for Apple iOS and Windows on PCs).
Deep Signal Penetration 
Automated device detection in multiple box types, improving efficiency in monitoring large, complex shipments.
Automated Reporting and Bulk Processing
Faster product release and fast, reliable read-out and forwarding of data reports to a target location. 

Introducing the new LIBERO Cx BLE  Automation Solution

Automated stability budget management and bulk processing of individual box units (on pallet) streamlines your end-to-end cold chain shipments, saving time and money. Watch the video to see how it works.



How it works

Setting up the LIBERO Cx BLE automation solution is extremely easy. Individual filters are quickly set, which decide which LIBERO Cx BLE data loggers - recognized via Bluetooth® BLE - the selected processing steps are applied to. Now just enter the email recipients for sending the PDF report and activate password protection if required, and you're ready to go!


Easy Device



Quickly identify and review status and data reports for specific devices with device search filtering.


Bulk Process

Fast and reliable read-out and forwarding of data from multiple devices, enhancing overall operational efficiency.



A comprehensive history log provides transparency of all transactions applied to devices.

STEP 1: Once your shipments are in close range of the receiving unit, the Bluetooth® signals from the distinctive LIBERO data loggers are received and verified.
STEP 2: Once verification has been completed, a predefined workflow is executed step by step on the selected LIBERO data loggers. This creates full transparency in the execution of the individual processing steps at all times.
STEP 3: The successful completion of all workflow steps is confirmed by a corresponding indicator. Automated processing enables quick and reliable readout of temperature monitoring data, thus reducing expensive and time-consuming errors caused by the human intervention.
STEP 4: As part of the predefined workflow, the PDF report is automatically retrieved and sent by email to the specified recipient or a mailbox.

Unlock the efficiency of automating the data loggers’ processing and readout in bulk. Streamline operations, prevent costly mistakes, and accelerate your shipments while promoting sustainability and ensuring full compliance.