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ELPRO and Dividella form automation partnership

ELPRO and Dividella cooperate in making pharmaceuticals safe — from packing to patient

Group News

07 Apr 2020


A new partnership between global environmental monitoring pioneer ELPRO and mono material packaging innovator Dividella has forged a unique system to allow temperature monitoring on box level during the entire life-cycle of a pharmaceutical product – from filling to patient.

Combining technologies

ELPRO’s new low-cost, life-cycle temperature indicator, LIBERO ITS, has unique wireless read-out capabilities and is small and thin enough to monitor the remaining stability budget of a high-value bio-pharmaceutical on box level. But how is the device applied and started on box level in a highly automated filling and packaging environment? Simply by adding a LIBERO ITS packaging robot module to an existing Dividella packaging line. Dividella is well versed in engineering complex packaging designs, combining various items in a semi- to fully automated way. Starting and applying an electronic temperature indicator like LIBERO ITS is just another step in the line.

Utilizing innovative packaging technology via Dividella’s cartoners NeoTOP and NeoTRAY, ELPRO’s unique LIBERO ITS electronic indicator provides end-to-end quality assurance and visibility to product data in the last mile.

“LIBERO ITS opens new ways in monitoring pharmaceuticals — direct to the patient. Dividella enables us to apply the product to high-value bio-pharmaceuticals in an efficient and automated way, ” notes ELPRO’s Head of Strategy and Marketing Martin Peter.

What makes the ELPRO LIBERO ITS packaging so unique?

Traditional data loggers are bulky and chemical indicators only provide a “go” or “no-go” status, which leaves gaps in the product stability data during transit. The LIBERO ITS and Dividella solution also eliminates the costly and time-consuming process of “piecing together” Time Out of Refrigeration (TOR) segments . The ITS smart indicator solution also offers the following efficiency breakthroughs:


    • Secure processing and high product protection 
    • Improved patient compliance due to clear overview and easy access to product
    • Recording deviations and managing stability budget throughout the entire product journey, through the Last Mile
    • One-touch, wireless read-out and documentation of statistics via Smartphone enabling critical decision-making right on site
    • Easy cataloguing of valuable point-by-point data to reveal and support logistics trending
    • NIST traceable data archival in ELPRO’s industry-leading liberoMANAGER cloud solution


“The LIBERO ITS can be pre-configured with specific product stability budget to expedite sending site packaging processes,” Peter explains. “It will constantly calculate and show the remaining stability budget, for an immediate go/no go product release decision at any time.”

Other benefits to the LIBERO ITS include:
    • Priced for the box level at less than $3 USD when purchased in larger quantities
    • GxP compliant and GAMP 5 validated
    • Four (4) year battery life
    • Small size: <30x30mm, <3mm thickness


“At $3 USD a device, with 4-year battery, this solution solves many problems, being one of the most cost-effective, long-term solutions on the market,” Peter explained.

Download ELPRO's white paper about clinical trials here


Company Profile Dividella

For over forty years, Dividella has remained a leading Swiss supplier of reliable, innovative, sustainable secondary packaging lines and solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Dividella utilizes sustainable single-variety materials and carton based packaging (100 % mon-material) thus providing environmentally friendly, high-performance cartoners that are characterized by very low TCO & TCP (Total Cost of Ownership & Total Cost of Package)