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WEBINAR: ECOLOG-PRO xG Spotlight—Greifswald University Medicines's Success Story

ELPRO recently presented a use case webinar for the company’s ECOLOG-PRO xG, wireless, multi-use use data logging devices and elproCLOUD data base software. The platform was installed at Greifswald University Medicine in Greifswald, Germany. The presentation featured Aleksandra Flatz, ELPRO Product Manager; Lawrence Pho-Chesi, Digital Sales Specialist; and Dr. Konstanze Aurich, Head of Quality Control, Blood Products, at Greifswald University Medicine.


Flatz introduced ELPRO's ECOLOG-PRO xG data logging devices that use IoT technology for real-time temperature and humidity monitoring. The devices operate independently of IT infrastructure using public 4G LTE-M and NB-IoT networks. This allows for easy and rapid global installation across multiple sites. The devices are suitable for monitoring fridges, freezers, incubators, warehouses, transport vehicles, and more. Three device options were presented: a temperature-only data logger, a temperature and humidity data logger, and a high-range temperature data logger with an external probe for monitoring ultra-low temperatures down to -200 °C.




Poh-Chesi demonstrated the elproCLOUD monitoring database platform, which provides an overview of all connected devices on the dashboard. He showed how to view current and historical sensor data, set alarm thresholds, and generate PDF reports. The system empowers users to divide sensors into groups and manage user access levels. Poh-Chesi emphasized the platform's ease of use with an intuitive web interface and helpful tools and tips.

Dr. Aurich discussed temperature monitoring applications at Greifswald University Medicine's pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. Their requirements included monitoring various temperature ranges from ambient down to -196 °C for liquid nitrogen storage. ELPRO's devices meet all monitoring requirements thanks to internal and external sensors, wide measurement ranges, replaceable batteries and cloud-based data access. Dr. Aurich showed examples applying the sensors for qualification of new freezing devices and temperature monitoring during stem cell transport. She noted that having remote monitoring capabilities has already proven valuable for ensuring stability of these highly sensitive materials.

In closing, Dr. Aurich advised carefully defining monitoring requirements and temperature ranges. She highlighted the importance of discussing needs and processes with a temperature monitoring specialist to ensure the best device match. Overall, she has found ELPRO's platform easy to implement after the initial setup and sees further potential for expanding monitoring applications across more of the university’s facilities.

For more information on the application of the ECOLOG-PRO xG solution at Greifswald University Medicine, please see our recently published case study.


Eblast_Konstanze Aurich_200x200_round

Dr. Konstanze Aurich

Head of Quality Control Blood Products

Greifswald University Medicine

Eblast_Aleksandra Flatz_200x200_round

Aleksandra Flatz

Product Manager



Eblast_Lawrence Poh Chesi_200x200_round

Lawrence Poh Chesi

Digital Sales Specialist