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Sustainability in Packaging and Shipping: Where Are We?

Expert Panelists:


Eblast_Karen Greene_200x200_round Eblast_Joe Provo_200x200_round Eblast_Jamie Pero-Parker_200x200_round Eblast_Samantha Smith_200x200_round

Moderator: Karen Greene, CPPL
VP Client Solutions, Network Partners


Joe Provo
Associate Director Engineering, Environmental Packaging Strategy Lead, Merck

Jamie Pero Parker
Sustainability Lead, Innovation Advisor, RTI International


Samantha Smith
Engineering Director, Product Stewardship, Medtronic





Join us for an engaging and insightful expert panel discussion on key issues, trends and advancements in environmental sustainability and pharma, life science, and medical device packaging and shipping. You’ll discover:

  • Growing compliance drivers in packaging sustainability

  • Data systems, management, and accountability

  • Environmental packaging technology areas of opportunity: materials, and designs

  • Supply chain best practices for a more sustainable future

  • How sustainable packaging impacts temperature-controlled logistics



Who should attend:

  • Packaging engineers

  • Temperature control managers

  • Supply chain mangers

  • Sustainability managers