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LIBERO ITS Wins at IQPC Cold Chain Global Forum

LIBERO ITS Wins at IQPC Cold Chain Global Forum

Group News

18 Oct 2018

At the recent IQPC Cold Chain Global Forum, ELPRO's LIBERO ITS was awarded the 2018 Excellence Award in the category of "Best Global Temperature Control."


The 2018 Cold Chain Global Forum Excellence Awards honor, recognize and promote the most innovative supply chain practices, solutions and individuals over the past year. The awards are dedicated to recognizing superior thinking, creativity and execution across the full spectrum of supply chain functions.

ELPRO’s LIBERO ITS has been called a ‘game changing’ technology in the temperature sensitive healthcare distribution industry for its ability to offer one validated device to measure temperature for up to 4 years in a long, fragmented supply chain. The affordability, size and smart capabilities of this long-term indicator at unit-level offer exciting possibilities to improve patient outcomes, reduction of product waste, and on-time safe clinical trials. Using a smartphone app, the stability budget can be read at point of use.

Simon Kaufmann, ELPRO Product Management, stated “We are delighted to receive an award from peers recognizing the unique contribution the ITS brings the industry. Finally, we can put more certainty in the hands of the end user, and at such a low cost, be able to apply these indicators widely to have tangible impact on patient safety.”