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LIBERO Gx Mobile IoT real-time solutions transform supply chains

New ELPRO LIBERO Gx Mobile IoT real-time monitoring solutions will transform pharmaceutical supply chains

Group News

16 Mar 2021

Offering the longest battery life–and enabling the longest shipment durations in the industry among competing brands–LIBERO Gx data loggers are 100 percent IATA, GxP and FDA CFR 21 Part 11 compliant. They are useable up to one year to measure location, temperature and humidity at the widest available measurement ranges available to date for real-time: -200 °C to +400 °C. The solutions can also be integrated into existing supply chain networks via API.


Today M2M and Mobile IoT technologies are making it possible for shipment data to be accessible on-demand and enabling immediate intervention when excursions occur. For the pharmaceutical supply chain, this means real-time visibility across multiple sites, depots, partners and subcontractors for the product owner to know the status their high-value shipments on-demand.


ELPRO is pleased to announce LIBERO Gx, the pharmaceutical industry’s longest lasting choice for mobile real-time monitoring measuring location, temperature and humidity. Using new LTE-M and NB-IoT communication protocols, these devices provide the lowest battery consumption and therefore much longer shipment durations. Multiple-use LIBERO Gx data loggers can be used up to one year without recharging, or 110 days for single-use devices.


Supply chain partners no longer need to send data back at the end of shipments. Fast product release and proactive in-transit intervention are all in the shipper’s control. LIBERO G enables better control of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical and life science products traveling by road, air, ocean, as well as for the monitoring of storage rooms, warehouses and shipping containers.

Highlights of LIBERO Gx include:

    • Longest battery life among competing brands
    • Safe and uninterrupted monitoring via buffer memory capacity
    • Single-use and multi-use options
    • Use of public communication infrastructure (no proprietary antennas)
    • Combines monitoring data in one Cloud: Rooms, equipment and products in transit
    • Event-based actions and notifications (e.g. alarming, reassessment)
    • Cloud-based configuration and alarming
    • IATA and GxP compliant 
    • ISO 17025 calibration, upon request


The power behind the device is in the software. ELPRO Cloud is available 24/7 and accessible by designated users from all over the world. The latest design of versatile software was engineered based on customer usability studies.

We are excited to offer the LIBERO G IoT solution that truly sets a new standard for real-time visibility and security of pharmaceutical products. LIBERO G is a smaller, more user-friendly device that provides customers the longest battery life among competing brands, including a single-use option. The LIBERO family is now complete, offering real-time USB and Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) devices, with the widest measurement ranges for every life science application imaginable – all within the same solution.

Simon Kaufmann, Product manager at ELPRO

Additional capabilities under rapid development include flexible API integration into existing supply chain networks; combining real-time with traditional data loggers; and the ability to configure multi-level-alarm-criteria.

Like all ELPRO products, LIBERO G is fully GxP-compliant (including GAMP5 validated hardware and software) and ensuring FDA CFR 21 Part 11 compliance.

LIBERO G Mobile IoT solution is now available. Contact ELPRO for a demo.