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Introducing ECOLOG-PRO xG: Scalable, Wireless Storage Monitoring

ELPRO, a pioneer in environmental monitoring solutions and cold supply chain data intelligence, proudly unveils its latest innovation, the ECOLOG-PRO xG series. This scalable, wireless monitoring solution improves convenience and efficiency in data management for smaller temperature-controlled storage areas in pharmacies and warehouses.


ECOLOG-PRO-xG-WarehouseDesigned to simplify complex monitoring requirements, ECOLOG-PRO xG offers unmatched flexibility and reliability. Without the need for IT involvement, this flexible solution seamlessly integrates with elproCLOUD software and IoT technology, making it an ideal choice for measuring temperature and humidity in smaller storage areas and equipment in pharmacies and warehouses alike. The solution is 100% fully compliant with industry guidelines.

Our focus was on delivering a solution that empowers businesses with real-time insights without the hassles of IT integration. The device's longevity, immediate remote alarming, and compliance features elevate monitoring standards across the board.

Aleksandra Flatz, Product Manager, ELPRO-Buchs AG

ECOLOG-PRO xG devices streamline processes and enable faster product releases. “This creates greater operational efficiency at scale and virtually eliminates the chance of human error, which we know is one of the greatest causes of temperature excursions and loss of product,” says Flatz.




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Key Features and Benefits of the new ECOLOG-PRO xG include:

  • Immediate Real-Time Intervention: Innovative IoT technology ensures reliable data transmission, enabling event-based actions and notifications, including customizable logging intervals.

  • Independence of IT Infrastructure: Utilizing public infrastructure via licensed and secure LTE-M and NB-IoT network, eliminates proprietary constraints, offering 24/7 global cloud access to the database.

  • 100% Compliant: ECOLOG-PRO xG is GAMP® 5 validated, includes a calibration certificate and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant audit trail for impeccable data integrity.

  • Multi-Year, Multi-Purpose IoT Data Logger: Enjoy the convenience of a wireless data logger with prolonged battery life, suitable for various applications and temperature ranges.

  • Flexibility and Scalability: Install effortlessly across multiple sites and countries, and replace sensors without disrupting monitoring.

  • Accelerated Release Processes: Simplify quality assurance processes with 24/7 global access to the cloud database, enabling error-free decisions.

  • Powerful Data Visibility and Assessment via elproCLOUD:
    Clear dashboards and encrypted, continuous real-time monitoring puts the status of all devices in the palm of your hand via mobile app or any web browser. Label and configure devices, conduct assessments and receive immediate notice of deviations via SMS or email.

Deviation reports in elproCLOUD provide users an immediate overview of each individual event. Here deviations can be analyzed, commented on, and acknowledged. All activity is logged in the audit trail and fully compliant.

Aleksandra Flatz, Product Manager, ELPRO-Buchs AG.

For more information about ELPRO ECOLOG-PRO xG or elproCLOUD monitoring solutions and services, visit



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