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ELPRO Inspires Inclusion at International Women's Day 2024

ELPRO proudly participates in the International Women's Day 2024, aligning with this year's global campaign theme of “Inspire Inclusion.”  


This annual event, observed on March 8th, marks a collective effort worldwide to celebrate women's achievements, promote gender equality, and inspire action for a more inclusive world.


The “Inspire Inclusion” campaign theme emphasizes the importance of inspiring, understanding and valuing women's inclusion, contributing to the creation of a better, more equitable society. ELPRO actively embraced this message, recognizing that when women feel included, a powerful sense of belonging, relevance, and empowerment emerges.

In line with the International Women's Day spirit, ELPRO encourages their employees to get involved and make a difference. ELPRO remains committed to promoting gender equality and looks forward to continuing its efforts in inspiring inclusion beyond International Women's Day, fostering a world where every woman is valued, heard, and included.

Read more about the definition of inspiring inclusion on the International Women's Day 2024 official website.