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ELPRO is now lab accredited in Singapore

ELRPO is now lab accredited in Singapore

We are more than happy to announce that ELPRO Singapore has passed successfully the initial accreditation assessment for calibration and measurement by SAC/SINGLAS.

Our office in Singapore is now fully accredited. This means we can now also expand our quality portfolio for customers in Singapore to a next level.




ELPRO calibrations according to ISO 17025 are available at the following locations:

    • ELPRO-BUCHS AG (Switzerland), accredited by the SAS since 2010
    • ELPRO Services, Inc (USA), accredited by ANAB since 2013
    • ELPRO UK Ltd. (UK On-Site) by SAS since 2018 (previously accredited by UKAS 2014-2018)
    • ELPRO Messtechnik GmbH (Germany) by SAS since 2019
    • ELPRO PTE. LTD. (Singapore) by SAC since 2021

ELPRO offers laboratory and on-site service calibrations with ISO 17025 accreditation and also factory calibrations.

Read more about our certified quality approach online under QUALITY. All certificates, accreditation certificates and scopes can be downloaded in our SUPPORT center.