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ELPRO LIBERO Gx Mobile IoT sets new standard for real-time visibility

ELPRO's Mobile IoT solution sets new standard for real-time visibility and security of pharmaceutical products

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11 Jun 2020

International supply chains present significant challenges to temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products. Many sites, depots, partners and subcontractors add complexity for the product owner to know where their high-value and high-risk shipment is, and what condition it’s in. Instead of worry and wait, pharmaceutical manufacturers are increasingly using real-time visibility solutions to have complete confidence to know the products are safe and en route as planned.


ELPRO’s new real-time monitoring solution, LIBERO G, provides 24/7 access to shipment location and condition – including temperature, humidity, light, tilt and shock. There is no need to rely on partners to send any data or wait for them to call. Thanks to the new LTE-M and NB-IoT communication protocols, the reduced battery consumption allows for much longer shipment durations – up to 1 year (or 110 days for single use).


LIBERO G family has been designed around user experience for the ‘off the shelf’ a few shipments a month user to the advanced user responsible for high volume global supply chains.


As the only single-use, real-time monitor currently on the market, LIBERO G requires no account or fees to set up. There is an informative device display indicating battery life and current temperature to make immediate decisions, resulting in a secure process without training warehouse or site staff.


For advanced global supply chains, LIBERO G becomes a highly automated and flexible tool, in combination with the liberoMANAGER, ELPRO’s industry-leading cloud database. Trend-based alarming, performance dashboards, data orchestration, API to other systems support the advanced user to manage and analyze supply chain data to make proactive and preventative decisions.


Like any ELPRO product, LIBERO G is fully GxP-compliant, including GAMP 5 validated hardware and software and ensuring FDA CFR 21 Part 11 compliance.


Highlights of LIBERO G include:

    • Safe and uninterrupted for 1 trip (110 days) or 1 year
    • Single-use and multi-use options
    • Use of public infrastructure (non-proprietary, no antenna required)
    • Combine monitoring data in one Cloud: Rooms, equipmentand products in transit
    • Combine real-time with traditional data loggers
    • Multi-level-alarm-criteria
    • Event-based actions and notifications (e.g. alarming, reassessment)
    • Cloud-based configuration and alarming
    • IATA compliant
    • ISO 17025 calibrated


LIBERO G is being used to monitor temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical and life science products traveling by road, air, ocean, as well as monitoring storage rooms, warehouses and shipping containers.

Simon Kaufmann, Product Manager at ELPRO describes the need for this type of solution. “Until now, real-time devices have been bulky, have an extremely short battery life and require return logistics for reusable devices. We have engineered a smaller, more-user friendly solution that provides customers the longest battery life among competing brands. LIBERO G is the only single-use real-time IoT device currently available on the market, as part of a full family of real-time data loggers measuring a wide range of temperatures and environments,” Kaufmann said.

LIBERO G is the IoT solution that truly sets a new standard for real-time visibility and security of pharmaceutical products, according to Kaufmann, “We are excited to provide customers with complete control in their hands to track high-risk shipments, personalized therapies, container assets, clinical trials and more.” LIBERO G data loggers will be available Q4 2020. 




An international trade magazine, Pharmaceutical Commerce, reviewed LIBERO G as one of the innovative cold chain developments during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the review here.