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ELPRO talks protecting high-value biologics in Biopharm International


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28 Jan 2020

A recent article titled "Protecting High-value Biologics at Every Turn," in Biopharm International and authored by Suzanne Shelley, discusses the ongoing innovation and advancements in the cold chain industry for biologics. The article highlights the delicate nature of these shipments and the importance of maintaining strict temperature controls throughout the storage and transit process.



Emanuel Schäpper, temperature control expert at ELPRO, provides insights on the challenges and strategies for safeguarding high-value biologics during transportation. Schäpper emphasizes the importance of selecting the right containers, packaging, transport routes, and monitoring solutions.


"Stakeholders go to great lengths when it comes to selecting the most appropriate containers and packaging, choosing the right transport route, partnering with the right service provider, and implementing the right monitoring solution," he noted.


He also discusses the use of data analysis tools and artificial intelligence in improving cold chain management, stating, "Today, sophisticated data analysis tools are used to check which routes are risky at which time of year, which packaging performs best for the respective requirements, or which mode of transport is the safest and enable continuous improvement in cold chain management."


Schäpper's insights highlight the critical role of advanced technologies and strategic decision-making in ensuring the integrity of biologic shipments.


The article also mentions the increasing importance of end-to-end supply chain digitalization, predictive analytics, and strategic partnerships in improving efficiency, visibility, and risk management in the cold chain industry. Additionally, it addresses sustainability considerations and the need for strict coordination among all cold supply chain stakeholders.


Read the entire article here:
Protecting High-value Biologics at Every Turn (biopharminternational.com)


For more information about temperature-controlled environmental monitoring for high-value biologics, visit ELPRO.com/biotech.