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ELPRO celebrates 30+ years in business

ELPRO is celebrating 30YEARS+ in business

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12 Dec 2016

In 1986, Alois Bischof had a groundbreaking idea. From there, ELPRO has grown into the international company it is today.

What once started as a hardware manufacturer of innovative environmental monitoring, today ELPRO continues to push the envelope in innovative software that is the cornerstone of quality and compliance for pharmaceutical companies and their partners.

We celebrated this special occasion of 30YEARS+ in business during a day of customer workshops and a gala dinner evening in Buchs, Switzerland, the company headquarters. Customers attended workshops highlighting the progression of technology over the years, then joined discussions on ELPRO’s future product roadmap and how it’s adapting to meet ongoing customer needs, especially for pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

While customers were attending informational workshops during the day, 163 ELPRO employees attending from around the world enjoyed a unique team day on a farm, creating stop motion films. As movie directors, they worked together using industry knowledge to create meaningful, but entertaining stop motion films. If you missed the day, enjoy below the amazing impression movies from our memorable ELPRO 30YEARS+ celebration.

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