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ELPRO and SmartCAE Announce Predictive Analytics Partnership


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28 Jan 2020



ELPRO, a global leader in environmental monitoring and data intelligence solutions and SmartCAE, the leader in cold chain simulation software, have entered into a strategic partnership to provide a unique predictive analytics service that unleashes the full potential of real-time devices and will revolutionize temperature control in pharmaceutical cold chain shipment.


We are excited to announce this partnership with SmartCAE and look forward to sharing our new predictive service capabilities with the market.

Christoph Bamert, CSO at ELPRO

“ELPRO’s LIBERO Gx real-time IoT devices and robust cold chain database, combined with the SmartCAE digital cold chain models, connects actual values with continuous prediction based on lane and box type used in shipments. This empowers pharmaceutical and life science professionals to conduct ‘dynamic risk assessments’ and predict temperature excursions much faster than other solutions, providing them enough time to take actions to prevent those,” Bamert explains.

The solution is a win-win for both companies and more importantly, a win for cold chain customers. The benefits and potential costs savings in lost shipments to pharmaceutical and life science companies is tremendous, particularly when transporting high value goods over long distances.


We developed this new predictive service leveraging the strengths of both companies.

Stefan Braun, Managing Director of SmartCAE

“Previously, cold supply chain managers used our digital twins for their lane risk assessment but using the same digital twin connected with real-time monitoring makes the best use of both worlds. We have designed a truly unique service that offers unmatched accuracy and reliability over other predictive analytics services on the market today.”

The new predictive service is currently being offered as an integrated option with the elproCLOUD cold chain database monitoring solution.


For more information and to schedule a live demo of the service, contact your ELPRO sales representative at online@elpro.com.


About SmartCAE

SmartCAE is a company specializing in software and service solutions for temperature-controlled logistics within the pharmaceutical industry. Their mission is to revolutionize the way we think about temperature-sensitive goods during transportation and minimize risk and carbon footprint. As a multicultural group of scientists and engineers, they leverage mathematical modeling to ensure that these goods arrive safely at their destinations