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Join ELPRO-Expert at Drone Delivery Days, March 06 - 07, 2024 in Barcelona (Spain)


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28 Jan 2020

Engage with ELPRO expert Patrik Senn, Head of Product Management, at the Barcelona Drone Center in Spain on March 06-07, 2024, during this year's thrilling Drone Delivery Days. This exclusive event provides a unique chance to delve into the world of drone solutions for freight transportation, uncovering their pivotal role in the logistics sector. Immerse yourself in the current landscape of freight transportation, where we'll unveil exciting new business opportunities. Witness live demonstrations showcasing drones in action alongside traditional systems, all contributing to a revolutionary distribution paradigm, highlighted by our cutting-edge LIBERO Gx Real-Time, Mobile IoT temperature data logger with real-time positioning. Don't miss out on the future of logistics—join us for an immersive experience at Drone Delivery Days!


Have a look at our schedule:

  • 9:00 | SWOT analysis and regulatory framework, by Daniel Castillo and Lluís Amat (BCN Drone Center)

  • 10:00 | Drone delivery state-of-the-art eVTOL system by David Rovira (RigiTech)

  • 11:00 | Flight demonstration outdoors + networking break

  • 12:00| Lunch, networking and exhibition area

  • 13:00 | Thermal packaging and DG requirements by Johannes Markel (va-Q-tec) and Francesc Gómez (Biomedical)

  • 14:00 | Traceability with real-time monitoring systems by Patrick Senn (ELPRO)

  • 15:00 | Conclusions wrapped up on a white paper by Ramón García and Enrique Hernández (CITET) and Bert Elsen (4Advice)


Dreaming of a complimentary ticket to join the excitement in Barcelona?


Seize the opportunity! Shoot us an email at marketing@elpro.com to snag your free pass! Dive into the heart of the action at this primarily Spanish and English-speaking event. Your ticket to an unforgettable experience awaits – don't miss out!