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Digitalization at the core of what we do

Digitalization at the core of what we do

Group News

11 Feb 2021

As a provider of electronic data loggers and indicators and the matching software, "digitality" has always played a core role at ELPRO.

New technologies (such as Internet of Things "IoT", LPWAN or cloud computing) enable us to address customers' challenges in a completely new and also more efficient way. However, digitalization at the product level is only part of it - processes and departments such as development, production, quality and sales must also be taken into account and "digitalized".

In the video interview The first 10 percent – digitalization pioneers report, produced as part of the BodenseeMittelstand 4.0 project, Philipp Osl (CEO at ELPRO) and Martin Peter (Co-owner & Board of Directors at ELPRO) tell us more about what digitalization means for ELPRO.


    • What does "digitalization" mean for us?
    • What developments have been made possible by the new technologies?
    • What challenges are created by the new technologies?
    • How does the change alter our customer relationships?
    • How do we go about developing new digital solutions?
    • What is the importance of networks in the digital transformation?
    • What opportunities does digital transformation enable for our company?
    • What do we recommend to other SMEs on their way to the digital future?



"A key advantage of us as an SME compared to larger companies, where complex structures often lead to a certain lethargy, is certainly our agility. We can try out ideas very fast and also implement them quickly. We have to actively play on this potential for agility." Philipp Osl, CEO at ELPRO

BodenseeMittelstand 4.0 is an association that brings together business and universities in the Lake Constance region and supports them in perceiving digitalization not as a "risk" but as an "opportunity". Learn more about it on the website bomi40.eu.