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Cloudleaf and ELPRO announce partnership

In the continued expansion of Cloudleaf’s solution ecosystem, we are excited to announce Cloudleaf, Inc. and ELPRO-BUCHS AG’s  strategic partnership. Cloudleaf provides a SaaS digital intelligence platform that leverages IoT and digital twin technologies to bring enhanced solutions to the world’s supply chains. ELPRO is a trusted global leader in environmental monitoring hardware and software solutions, servicing the world’s largest pharmaceutical, life science and healthcare companies.


Increasing end-to-end shipments and supply chain disruptions during the COVID-19 pandemic have presented unprecedented challenges to manufacturers and forced optimization of their logistics and distribution networks. Together Cloudleaf and ELPRO are providing qualified, real-time cold chain monitoring solutions to ensure global visibility and help provide safe and effective delivery of medications to patients.

“ELPRO is pleased to partner with Cloudleaf to develop integrated and qualified real-time environmental monitoring intelligence for clients on a platform that provides global continuous visibility. Together we will develop solutions that provide customers meaningful insights into their data to enable faster decisions impacting regulatory compliance, as well as the safety and security of temperature sensitive products,”
says ELPRO CEO Philipp Osl.

ELPRO brings over 30 years of pharmaceutical regulatory compliance experience and an innovative spirit. The company was first to market with a real-time monitoring solution (LIBERO Gx) utilizing the LTE-M/NB-IoT network. The solution monitors temperatures as low as -200 °C for cryogenic shipments and delivers the longest battery life among leading competitors.  

“In continuing to connect across the supply chain technology ecosystem, Cloudleaf powers the digital supply chain from world class data sources.  ELPRO is the world leader in providing monitoring solutions for the life sciences,” says Cloudleaf’s CEO, Mahesh Veerina. “We are excited to build solution offerings that will positively impact not just supply chains, but also the end-to-end chain down to the health and safety of patients through better management of those supply chains.”

About Cloudleaf

Cloudleaf powers next-generation digital supply chains with insights from ground truth and real-time decision-making. Our SaaS platform leverages hyper-scale cloud, digital twin, AI/ML, and IoT technologies to deliver continuous visibility and intelligence. We enable business leaders to make the right decisions in real-time to increase revenues, avoid disruptions, deliver better business outcomes, improve customer satisfaction and increase sustainability. For more information, visit: https://www.cloudleaf.com/