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Central pharmacy at Weiden Hospital successfully implements elproCLOUD.

The storage of medicines in pharmacies is strictly regulated. Pharmacies with manufacturing rooms and a wholesale permit must also comply with national requirements as well as the EU GDP Guidelines for GMP-compliant manufacturing and GDP-compliant transport. Depending on individual circumstances, conformity determination and documentation can become a time-consuming, cost-intensive process for pharmacies.


Recording gaps, time-consuming evaluation, high connecting costs caused the central pharmacy of Weiden Hospital to implement compliant temperature data monitoring in its rooms and refrigerators via a cloud-based real-time temperature-monitoring solution.


In this case study you will learn how the central pharmacy of Weiden Hospital:

  • implemented a cloud-based, GxP-compliant, real-time monitoring system;
  • easily installed the system without needing support from its IT department;
  • has been able to rely on a transparent, customizable, and scalable solution for monitoring rooms; and
  • may expand its use for laboratories and transport.