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WHO Vaccines Temperature Monitoring

Vaccine logistics to developing countries is a huge challenge. The following article is all about WHO involvement in assuring transport as well as monitoring standards of shipping vaccines. The focus is on the whole prequalification process, the different applications occurring, and how you could fulfill them.

01 The History of WHO Vaccination Program

Back in 1993, the WHO Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program was born. Over the past almost 30 years, millions of lives have been saved all over the planet, but especially in third world countries. Find out more about why and how the VFC Program was started as well as the challenges for safe and efficient vaccines for children are tackled together with the WHO.

The History of WHO Vaccines for Children

Explore the purpose and history of the WHO Vaccines for Children program and the important role temperature monitoring plays.

02 What Are Prequalified Temperature Monitoring Devices?

WHO prequalified products and devices assure member states and UN agencies, such as NGOs, of their suitability for use in immunization programs. The equipment categories for WHO prequalification (PQS) monitoring devices are of different types and classifications. WHO prequalified equipment and devices are based on the following three key criteria:

  • A selected device or product must have performance characteristics that meet the relevant specification standards

  • Quality and reliability characteristics that are appropriate for field conditions

  • Safety characteristics that ensure zero harm to the patients, users or even to the environment

WHO Prequalified Temperature Monitoring Devices

Dive into the details of WHO PQS prequalification process and how it impacts temperature data monitoring.

03 Vaccine Vial Cold Chain Monitoring

WHO recommends regular and accurate temperature monitoring that is key in ensuring that vaccines and pharmaceuticals are stored and transported safely. By monitoring devices, WHO ensures that vaccines are stored and transported at the required temperature thus minimizing vaccine wastage. This is important in the transport and storage of medicines in developing countries because they receive the vaccines after a long process and time. Evaluating the right monitoring device depends on the specific cold chain equipment application and its intended monitoring purpose. The monitoring device should meet the minimum technical and usability standards to help with vaccine quality.

Vaccine Vial Cold Chain Monitoring

There are many challenges throughout the cold chain. Explore several transport challenges in more detail in this overview.

04 COVID-19 Vaccines: The Challenge of Distribution

With the immediate need for high quantities of COVID-19 vaccines, the focus for fast immunization is on the distribution. The main challenge is to ensure cold chain supply management. Different types of vaccines require different shipping conditions which makes it very challenging for all the parties involved into the supply chain. From the production plant to the end user, plenty of restrictions have to be followed. Choosing the right monitoring solution is therefore crucial in this process.

COVID-19 Vaccines: The Global Distribution Challenges

Ensuring patient safety is a top priority for COVID-19 vaccines shipments. Discover the crucial role temperature monitoring plays in the process.

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