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The world has never been so interconnected, and it has never been so essential for supply chains to be closely monitored at each stage, especially for temperature-sensitive products.


It is crucial to provide customers with products that have been stored appropriately. Accordingly, when it comes to the shipment of cell and gene therapy, for example, this requirement cannot be neglected.


LIBERO G is a real-time temperature data logger and real-time position tracker that revolutionize the warehouse control system sector. Let’s look at the ways LIBERO G sets a new benchmark for immediate visual tracking and security of pharmaceutical products or any high-risk shipping:



1. Round the Clock Access to All the Data You Could Possibly Require


International supply chains present significant challenges to temperature and movement-sensitive pharmaceutical products. Numerous depots, sites, and subcontractors make it a challenge for the manager of the products to track the items and monitor their condition throughout transit. And product owners need to know the condition of their high-value items.


ELPRO has designed a real-time IoT visibility solution to allow invested parties to enjoy complete peace of mind regarding the status quo of their products.


LIBERO G offers round the clock access to the location and condition of shipping – including humidity, temperature, shock, light, and tilt. No need to wait for partners or handlers to send data or wait for email updates.


The communication protocols involved are especially designed for the Internet of Things and ensure guaranteed coverage in all areas, as well as vastly reduced battery consumption and easily cope with much longer shipment times – as much as a year (or 110 days for one use). With IoT technology, it is extremely easy to see the data relating to your valuable products at a glance.



2. Incredibly Intuitive and Cost-Effective to Implement


The LIBERO G range is carefully engineered with real-time supply chain visibility in mind. Whether users require monitoring a few monthly shipments or they need to monitor huge volumes of global imports and exports, LIBERO G is intuitive and easy to use.


IoT is an area in rapid development. Amongst other trackers, LIBERO G is a real-time monitor available on the market. There are no installation fees or the need to set up an account to start using LIBERO G.


The secure warehouse control system features a comprehensive display with the current temperature and other measurements, allowing staff to make instant decisions without requiring training.


Furthermore, LIBERO G can be up and running in a few minutes. It is the ideal data monitoring solution for pharmacies and pharmaceutical supply chains and many other sectors.



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3. World-Class Versatility and Adaptability


LIBERO G is a highly-automated and versatile tool for advanced international logistics networks when integrated into existing supply chain logistics software solutions or used with ELPRO's libero MANAGER cloud database. Advanced users can benefit from a range of features, including API to other systems, performance dashboards and a trend-based alarm.


There is everything you need to orchestrate and analyze logistics data to make informed decisions in real-time.

In common with all ELPRO products, LIBERO G is wholly GxP-compliant, and uses GAMP 5 hardware and software and is also compliant with FDA CFR 21 Part 11.


Some of the main highlights of LIBERO G are:

  • The option of single or multi-use function;

  • Compatible with existing public infrastructure ( no antenna is necessary);

  • Upload all data in one cloud: warehouses, products in transit and equipment;

  • Long-lasting battery life;

  • Can be used alongside existing data-loggers;


LIBERO G also ensures:

  • Event-based notifications and actions (such as alarms, reassessments);

  • Cloud-based alarming and configuration;

  • ISO 17025 calibration;

  • IATA compliant.


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LIBERO G is designed to monitor temperature and sensitive pharmaceutical products in storage and transit, such as the COVID-19 vaccines and life-science products moving by the ocean, road, or air, and monitoring warehouses, storage rooms, and freight containers.


LIBERO G is making a real difference to the pharmaceutical industry. Until now, real-time devices have been inconveniently large, with short battery life. ELPRO has engineered a more compact and user-friendly product that offers customers impressively long battery life by any standards.


LIBERO G is the only real-time IoT device of its kind as part of a full range of single-use data loggers capable of measuring an extensive range of temperatures and environments.

LIBERO G enables customers to take full control in tracking personalized therapies, high-risk shipments, container assets, clinical trials and much more.

  1. Applying the principles of Internet of Things to is a no-brainer: valuable products going from numerous places –from the starting point to the end destination point – need careful monitoring. Moreover, IoT applications have generally been booming in development, and accordingly the new LIBERO G has been welcomed by many industry experts.



  2. This type of real-time monitoring has been available in various setups, most often via an international logistics provider and sometimes from the container handlers (e.g. products transported by air). Several data services can collect data when several tracking mechanisms are utilized.



  3. However, centralizing the data collection on a single IoT device provides a major development for the industry. LIBERO G is a smart real-time datalogger that will free shippers from all kinds of worries with 24/7 monitoring and trend-based alarming.


  4. If using LIBERO G appeals to you, sign up for a free demo today or contact us for more information.

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