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New Insights at Biobank Conference September 06 - 08, 2022, Gothenburg (Sweden)


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28 Jan 2020



Meet our ELPRO expert Magnus Andersson at this year's Nordic Biobank Conference at booth F01:60, September 06 - 08, 2022 in Gothenburg (Sweden).


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Additionally, our next generation of LIBERO data loggers are reliable for countless applications, including monitoring pharmaceuticals and biological samples for cryogenic, dry ice, and ultra-low temperature applications - LIBERO CE. Stop by at our booth and get a free demo! The new LIBERO Gx monitors your products on the road, in the air, at sea, in rooms, and containers. It uses the public 4G LTE mobile network and the new NB-IoT technology. 


What is Biobank Conference Nordic? 


The 1st Nordic Biobank Conference is a unique opportunity to meet representatives in the area of human biobanking as well as other scientific experts from healthcare, academia, and industry! Come and listen to the latest news and current trends in human biobanking, while networking with professional colleagues.

The conference is jointly organized by the Nordic countries, comprised of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.