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Get hyped! Join ELPRO at LogiPharma, April 16 - 18, 2024, in Lyon, France!


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28 Jan 2020


20240305_LogiPharma2024_LogoGet ready to meet the dream team at LogiPharma Europe in Lyon, France! 🚀 Brace yourself for an electrifying encounter with our dedicated ELPRO crew: Christoph Bamert, Emanuel Schäpper, Patrik SennJeroen van Loo, Melanie Krüger, Frédéric Barthassat, Bradley Bevan and Ross Blum! From April 16 - 18, 2024, dive into the future of innovation at booth #110! Don't miss out! See you there!



Catch our captivating keynote case study – it's a must-see!


Date and time: April 16, 12:50 

Track: TRACK 3: Mastering Temperature Controlled Operations 

Presenters: Marc Evrard, Head of Logistics Quality, CSL Vifor; Patrick Senn, Head of Product Managament, ELPRO

Topic: KEYNOTE CASE STUDY – How to use process automations in transport temperature monitoring to drive operational and compliance benefits


Hear about how and which manual transport temperature monitoring processes can be automated, by listening to the CSL Vifor case study.

  • Operational and compliance benefits-driven project

  • Components and characteristics of the automation solutions

  • Implementation steps

  • Outcome, and future developments ideas



Discover our newest solutions and products!

  • Get greater flexibility and operational efficiency with ELPRO's wireless, multi-use ECOLOG-PRO xG environmental monitoring solution for laboratories, rooms, and equipment in real time

  • The new LIBERO Gx monitors your products on the road, in the air, at sea, in rooms and containers. Using the public 4G LTE mobile network and the new NB-IoT technology.

  • Let's talk about ELPRO Cloud - ELPRO's real-time cloud solution. It is used for monitoring temperature and humidity in rooms, equipment, trucks and containers, while also providing the ideal entry-level solution for real-time monitoring of temperature and position during cold chain transports.



Contact us for more information or to arrange a 1:1 meeting on site. * Please be informed that this is a mainly English-speaking conference/tradeshow.



About LogiPharma 2024 


An industry-wide drive towards sustainability, an uncertain economic landscape, heightened geopolitical risks, and continued digital and drug/device innovations are creating new challenges and opportunities for pharma and med tech supply chain leaders.

Find out how to navigate this evolving landscape by joining the world’s largest life sciences supply chain event. Benchmark with supply chain, operations, logistics, distribution and digital transformation leaders, from leading pharmaceutical and medical device producers and gain practical insights on:

  • Harnessing digital transformation to best manage complex life sciences supply chains on a global scale

  • Collaborating to map and reduce CO2 emissions and drastically improve sustainability

  • Navigating the impact of the latest regulatory developments and changing market conditions

  • Leveraging the latest digital capabilities for end-to-end supply chain connectivity that drives efficiencies

  • Embracing new approaches to up-skilling your workforce and achieving diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Innovating your supply chain processes to deliver a patience-centric service