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ELPRO launches LIBERO W wireless Temperature Monitoring Solution

ELPRO Launches LIBERO W Independent Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solution

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26 Jun 2017

Today is Independence Day for pharmacists, clinical supply managers, physicians, and lab managers everywhere.

A day to celebrate the freedom of ELPRO’s new LIBERO W, a breakthrough wireless, independent temperature monitoring solution for rooms and equipment that helps ensure millions of people worldwide receive fully effective medications.

As a self-powered, cost-efficient and carefree measurement system, the new LIBERO W enables professionals at pharmacies, clinical sites and labs to gain more time for their customers while reacting locally and immediately to alarms.


Designed as a fully compliant, low cost solution, LIBERO W offers the following key benefits:

    • Easy Set-Up: Simply place the sensor and press start
    • Robust Wireless Transmission: No cables, no fixed installation
    • Self Monitoring: Automated audio/visual device warnings, no data loss.
    • Audio-Visual Temperature Warnings and Alarms: Enables fast local reaction if necessary
    • Easy Reporting: Four different PDF reporting types, tailored to your application
    • No Hardware nor Software Required: Integrated USB cable, generates PDF reports automatically
    • Powered by Interchangeable Alkaline Batteries: No wired power supply needed
    • 100% Compliant Worldwide: Including USP 1079.1, Data Integrity and more
    • Calibrated & Pre-Configured: Ilac / SCS / DAkkS / NIST / UKAS / ISO 17025 traceable production calibration certificate, pre-configured to fridge or room conditions


 «With LIBERO W, a typical pharmacy can save an hour a day and make life much easier if a deviation occurs,» according to ELPRO’s LIBERO W Product Manager Adela Werner. The return on investment for implementing the solution in pharmacies, clinical sites and labs can result in significant cost savings in addition to secure medicaments.

«This solution also provides an uninterrupted temperature measurement chain and is offered with a calibration reminder. End users can simply place the device and start monitoring immediately. You know exactly, at any time, the condition of your medicaments,» Werner notes.

Clinics and pharmacies utilizing outdated min/max thermometers and chart recorders can gain greater operational cost efficiency, record data more accurately and ensure compliance with the capabilities of the new LIBERO W from ELPRO. To order the LIBERO W online at a 10 percent discount, or to download detailed product specifications and a full listing of features and benefits, visit liberow.elpro.com today.

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