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ECOLOG Plug&Play: New Era of Connected Monitoring Systems

ELPRO launches ECOLOG Plug&Play, a new era of Connected Monitoring Systems

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24 Apr 2018


ELPRO announces ECOLOG Plug&Play, a new continuous monitoring solution featuring powerful new ECOLOG-PRO hardware modules and an ECOLOG-PRO Base server solution.

Plug&Play is part of the company’s enhanced family of ECOLOG Connected Monitoring Solutions for Rooms and Equipment.

ECOLOG Plug&Play is a versatile, economical system designed for smaller healthcare and biopharmaceutical environments requiring up to 50 measuring points, such as warehouses, labs and cleanrooms. It can be installed with a combination of various wired or wireless data loggers supporting LAN, WLAN and radio data transmission. The newly designed ECOLOG-PRO modules can be added to any existing customer network or set-up in a stand-alone network environment.

Pre-installed with ELPRO’s industry-leading elproMONITOR software, the ECOLOG Plug&Play system is GMP compliant and requires no IT server infrastructure nor software installation, benefits normally only available from hosted solutions. ECOLOG Plug&Play enables customers to keep their valuable data in their control.


Key advantages and features of the new system include:

  • Your Data, On Your Site: Allows to keep your data fully under your control
  • Easy set-up: Software is pre-installed and pre-qualified; no complicated IT infrastructure required
  • Proven Stability: Runs on reliable, industry-leading elproMONITOR software
  • Hassle-Free GxP: IQ is performed before delivery; OQ templates are provided or you can benefit from ELPRO's comprehensive qualification service
  • Greater Control: Unique configuration by sensor allows for customized access, alarm delays and user rights, ensuring the right person, or group, gets the right information
  • Full Scalability and Flexibility: Add up to 50 measurement points; simply plug in additional wired and/or wireless modules; ECOLOG-PRO modules work seamlessly with current ECOLOG-NET hardware
  • Swiss-Engineering: Turn-key, validated, calibrated solution; resulting in lowest total cost of ownership
  • Efficiency Gains: Saves time and hassle in alarm response processing, sensor configuration, data analysis and deviation reporting; Audit-friendly

«ECOLOG Plug&Play combines the best of two worlds: the convenience known from hosted solutions on one hand and addressing the important customer requirement of storing the valuable data in-house on the other hand,» says Cyril Winkler, Head of Product Management at ELPRO.

Watch our recorded webinar ELPRO Plug&Play: A New Era of Connected Monitoring Solutions.