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ELPRO and OOSUMI LOGISTICS upgrade Narita Airport (NRT) warehouses

ELPRO and OOSUMI LOGISTICS upgrade Narita Airport (NRT) warehouses to offer GDP compliant temperature-controlled handling of pharmaceuticals

Asia / Singapore

07 Mar 2018

ELPRO has partnered with Oosumi Logistics to perform temperature mapping and qualification of Narita airport warehouse facilities to ensure high quality medicine transportation is possible throughout the Tokyo Japan’s airport warehouses.

Increasingly, pharmaceutical distribution regulations are becoming more important to supply chain partners in Japan, specifically Good Distribution Practices (GDP).

Stakeholders at Narita Airport held an opening ceremony in the airport's main freight building "Narita Airport Temperature Management Exclusive Housing". The event showcased Narita's first-ever dedicated temperature management facilities, including two warehouses with two temperature zones designed specifically for pharmaceutical shipments. Operations began on February 1, 2018.

International Air Cargo Terminal Co., ltd. operates these facilities and celebrated their 50th anniversary in November 2016. They are mainly engaged in operations relating to import and export of air cargo and loading and unloading operations; including cargo and passenger flights.

Within the warehouse, ELPRO's data loggers are used to temperature map the facility, identifying hot and cold spots that helps ensure overall quality of warehouse operations, keeping the facility in GDP compliance. The monitoring program continues to document accurate temperature control during day to day handling of pharmaceutical shipments.

ELPRO looks forward to continuing developing new business and supporting Good Distribution Practices (GDP) operations in Japan.