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ELPRO Messtechnik GmbH celebrates 25 years

ELPRO Messtechnik GmbH in Schorndorf can look back on 25 years of successful company history.

As a manufacturer and service provider of high-quality monitoring solutions for rooms and equipment, the company has developed into a reliable partner for customers and suppliers since its foundation in 1993. Today, numerous companies use the company's products and services in the transport sector with independent data loggers and in the warehouse, laboratory and cleanroom sector with 3rd generation monitoring solutions.

In the 25 years ELPRO Messtechnik GmbH has developed from 3 employees in the beginning to a medium-sized company with today 40 employees at 3 locations in Germany and more than 200 employees worldwide. The ELPRO Group is internationally active and offers an interesting portfolio oriented towards the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry: "Comprehensive supply and strategic partnerships with our customers".

Several years before ELPRO Messtechnik GmbH was founded, ELPRO-BUCHS AG in Switzerland had already launched one of the first independent data loggers for temperature and humidity, the HAMSTER®, and very quickly achieved considerable initial success in the food industry. Through the consistent further development of hardware and software, ELPRO Messtechnik GmbH also realized its first projects in the pharmaceutical industry with the new HOTDOG® product series starting in 1993 and entered into a strategic partnership for transport, laboratory and warehouse applications with a large pharmaceutical company as early as 1996. The evaluation software elproLOG ANALYZE was qualified and offered as QLS version (Qualified Logger System) together with the services qualifying and calibrating.

Around the turn of the millennium, new EU laws and regulations for the storage and transport of frozen products required a new direction in marketing and development, as well as close cooperation with truck and body manufacturers and technical approval bodies. With the HOTBOX Euro temperature recording system, ELPRO was able to develop many new experiences in the development of mechanical outdoor / indoor enclosures and mobile evaluation practices.

In accordance with FDA and GMP requirements, the pharmaceutical industry defined new requirements for the production, storage and transport of pharmaceuticals and active ingredients during these years. These were implemented in 2005 with GAMP5 and on November 3, 2006 with the new pharmaceutical and active ingredient manufacturing regulation. Already two years before, ELPRO Messtechnik GmbH defined together with a customer the first mapping plan for a new high-bay warehouse and equipped it according to the mapping result with the newly developed data loggers with LAN connections. This was also the start of ELPRO's new central monitoring system.

In its GxP Services work area, ELPRO offers GxP consulting, GxP qualification, project services, and on-site and off-site calibrations in addition to mapping. The range of services is constantly being developed in line with customer requirements and is offered internationally. Mapping is the abbreviated name for an elaborate temperature/humidity distribution study that is carried out with precisely defined measuring points over a specified period of time. Mapping is used to document the suitability of storage locations in accordance with specified requirements and to determine the critical points for subsequent monitoring.

Initially designed for the documentation of storage conditions, the central monitoring system elproLOG-Net has been continuously developed and optimized due to many project-related requests for applications in the laboratory and clean room. As a result, almost all required measured variables can be measured, alarmed and documented today. In addition to the important variables for cleanroom customers such as temperature, humidity, differential pressure, CO², flow, particles (size and number), all other sensors with analog outputs can also be implemented due to the professionally designed measurement system

Today's third generation of the ELPRO monitoring system ECOLOG - Networked Monitoring for Rooms and Devices is state-of-the-art, digital, database-oriented and is offered in four user-oriented variants. Thereby ELPRO always has one common optimal solution for all requirements. Quote from Peter Leeb, Sales Manager of ELPRO Messtechnik GmbH: "From ECOLOG Cloud and Plug&Play for a few measuring points to ECOLOG Cloud Unlimited, we offer an extremely convenient and expandable solution for our monitoring users. All customers, whether with 2 or with 2000 measuring points, can benefit from our continuous experience and innovations."

ELPRO supports planning offices and equipment suppliers of cleanrooms and monitoring systems by providing product-related specification texts and project-oriented consulting. Professional installations and comprehensive services support the user in his tasks - from measurement technology to qualification.

With the monitoring solutions for on the road, the solutions for rooms and devices, the independent monitoring solutions and the wide range of services, ELPRO already offers a comprehensive supply for its customers. All the more reason to focus on the market launch of the new ECOLOG generation, which will set new standards for strategic partnerships with customers with two cloud and two local server solutions each.