Definitive data, when you need it most.

Using ELPRO’s monitoring technology, software and GxP services, equips pharmaceutical manufacturers and their partners with hard evidence that medicines have been safely handled throughout their long lifecycle – from lab to production to patient.

R&D / Production

Continuous and Independent Monitoring for R&D and GMP Production

ELPRO's central monitoring system is your best friend and project manager all rolled into one. Friendly to use, tells you when something is wrong, and ensures your most precious assets are protected.

Learn more about ELPRO's solutions for laboratories, production facilities and biobanks.

Pharma Logistics

Stability Monitoring and GDP Services for Products in Transit

High-performance, low-cost devices. Intuitive cloud SaaS central database to make your life easier. Learn more about liberoMANAGER's new Archive entry level database solution, getting you started 'out of the box' easily.


Monitoring Solutions and Services for Healthcare

We help you protect what matters most – your patients. ELPRO offers peace of mind to hospitals, clinical sites and pharmacies. Monitor a few refrigerators, to large multi-site research institutions with the flexibility of cloud, or the security of a wired system.

Vaccine Logistics

Temperature Monitoring Solutions for COVID-19 Vaccine Storage and Shipment

For over 30 years, ELPRO has been safeguarding temperature monitoring data for the world's leading pharmaceutical, biotech, life science and healthcare organizations. We support you for safe COVID-19 vaccine monitoring during storage and transport.

About us

We dream of a world where all medicines are safe.

With our products and solutions, we make a significant contribution to ensuring that your pharmaceuticals are safe when they arrive at destination.

ELPRO Precautions – Corona Virus

ELPRO's Task Force provides ongoing information about the ELPRO Business Continuity Plan. As part of the global biopharmaceutical community, we regard health and safety concerns as a top priority for our employees and customers.

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NEW LIBERO Gx Mobile IoT Real-Time Monitoring solution will transform pharmaceutical supply chains

LIBERO G provides 24/7 access to shipment location and condition - including temperature, humidity, light, tilt and shock. The industry-leading extended battery length ensures you know where your shipment is for up to 1 year. Flexible software and hardware options supports all pharmaceutical and life science applications and temperature requirements. LIBERO G puts complete control in your hands to track high-risk shipments, personalized therapies, container assets, clinical trials and more.

COVID-19 Update

Temperature deviations can damage COVID-19 test kit samples and results!

On-site testing centers, labs and organizations that administer, manage and ship patient test kit samples are required by law to monitor the temperature of the sample. Sample temperature monitoring must occur from the point of collection, during on-site storage, and during shipment to laboratories for analysis.

Why Warehouse Mapping is important

Warehouse Mapping of GxP Storage Facilities — Not Optional

The FDA, ICH and USP, have long recognized that the storage and distribution of critical, temperature sensitive pharmaceutical and life science products require businesses to take a risk-based approach. Temperature mapping is not optional, it is mandatory for GxP compliance. 

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Superior monitoring performance for ultra-low applications: LIBERO CE

Precision monitoring solutions for cryogenic, dry ice and ultra-low temperature applications

The new LIBERO CE delivers proven performance that leaves the competition out in the cold. Find out why the world’s leading pharma, bio banking and logistics companies trust ELPRO products to monitor their critical applications. Fully compatible with ELPRO’s LIBERO Cloud Cold Chain database, to see all your data analytics in one comprehensive dashboard.

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Create flexible and powerful solutions tailored to your needs.

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Working with multi-national pharmaceutical companies is an around the clock, around the globe job. Pharmaceutical supply chains don’t start and stop at borders. Neither does ELPRO.

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