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Leading Minds Network Panel Discussion:

Modern Cryostorage: Building Cryogenic Supply Chains for Advanced Therapies


Moderator: Maik Slijpen of Janssen Pharma/Johnson & Johnson

Panelists: YuenLing Choo of ELPRO, Andrea Zobel of World Courier; and Roy Pang of Tower Cold Chain

Due to the nature of advanced therapies, only cryogenic storage can assure safety and efficacy within the approved shelf life of each batch. A global cryogenic storage infrastructure is required to navigate logistics complexities and give patients access to these therapies.

Join our expert panelists as we explore:

  • Precise storage requirements, constrained shipping windows and tight temperature range
  • Logistic challenges in crossing international borders
  • How global and sector-based partnerships are key to adapting to new compliance
  • Managing chain of custody between multiple stakeholders, from collection to delivery