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Dive into IoT:
How Wireless Monitoring & Real-Time Tracking Changes the Biologics and Clinical Supply Chain

In this on-demand webinar, speaker Emanuel Schäpper, Team Leader Key Account Management, at ELPRO  discuss how to gain temperature, location and other sensor data ‘live’ from your supply chain that provides significant opportunities to prevent product loss and make proactive decisions for high-value, irreplaceable biologics. We will discuss:

  • The technology landscape behind Mobile IoT
  • ELPRO’s new LIBERO G real-time monitoring solution
  • Breaking down the monitoring processes for time critical biologics
  • Risk of false alarms and loss of product considerations
  • Tracking special containers (cryo, dry ice)
  • Follow your product in-transit to in-storage clinical trials

In-storage wireless cloud monitoring as a key piece of the quality and compliance puzzle

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