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Dive into IoT:
How Wireless Monitoring & Real-Time Tracking Changes the Biologics and Clinical Supply Chain

In this on-demand webinar, speaker Emanuel Schäpper, Team Leader Key Account Management, at ELPRO  discusses how to monitor temperature, location, and other sensor data live along your supply chain. Real-time technology provides users the opportunity to initiate proactive decisions, which significantly prevents product-loss. Learn about:

  • The technology landscape behind Mobile IoT
  • ELPRO’s new LIBERO G real-time monitoring solution
  • Breaking down the monitoring processes for time critical biologics
  • Risks of false alarms and product-loss
  • Tracking special containers (cryo, dry ice)
  • Following your product in-transit to storage at clinical trial sites

 Wireless cloud monitoring is a key piece of the quality and compliance puzzle.

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