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Transport and Packaging Qualifications

Across the full supply chain, packaging safeguards drug products from external influences and foreign materials. To assure that pharmaceutical packaging functions as required, validation needs to be planned and executed before the drug product is available in the marketplace.


Watch the webinar so you can learn about:

  • The new ISTA Pharma Committee and ISTA organizational updates
  • Evolving Guidance “Passive Thermal Packaging System Operational Qualification Best Practice Guideline” covering the topics of Equipment, Test Plan & Methodology, Documentation, Implementation Considerations and Best Practice Examples
  • Updates to PDA Technical Report 39 and PDA organizational updates

Moderator: Ben Vanderplas, Manager, Engineering and R&D, Sonoco ThermoSafe

Panelists: Mark Everitt, Qualification Engineer, AstraZeneca; Michael English, Director Engineering Packaging Technical Operations, Merck


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