At ELPRO, quality and security in documenting and monitoring your process have top priority. For all applications ELPRO provides innovative solutions for customers' specific applications. These solutions include technical clarifications, supply and installation of monitoring systems, calibrations, and customer training. With the certified quality system ISO 9001 and the implementation of the GAMP5 guideline, these values are part of our daily work. We control our calibration quality in accordance with the ISO 17025 standard. In Switzerland, the accreditation code for our calibration laboratory is SCS 122.

Quality Policy

Customer orientation, high quality products and the continuous improvement process for our products and services are essential elements of the ELPRO quality policy.

ISO 9001

Having obtained certification under ISO 9001:2015, the values of our quality policy are firmly rooted within the ELPRO Group.

→ Certificate ELPRO Group
→ Certificate ELPRO Group IQNET

SCS Calibration Laboratory

Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS) granted ELPRO-BUCHS AG accreditation as calibration laboratory for temperature, humidity and differential pressure, in accordance with the ISO / IEC 17025 standard. The ranges and measurement uncertainties are listed in the official SCS directory of accredited calibration laboratories.
→ SCS Accreditation ELPRO-BUCHS AG
→ Calibration Scope ELPRO-BUCHS AG
→ ANAB Accreditation and Scope ELPRO Services, Inc. Marietta

Safety mission

Safety, health and well-being of our employees, customers, suppliers, visitors and contractors are of major concern to us. ELPRO has also introduced a comprehensive occupational safety system and joined the swico industry solution. ELPRO complies with national laws and regulations on safety and security. ELPRO periodically checks the tools and equipment in production and service departments to prevent any accidents. Our offices are designed ergonomically and enable employees to work without problems. The occupational safety is audited on a regular basis by external safety consultants. The current valid status report of the swico can be found here. Please note that the english report will be available soon.

Supplier Code of Conduct (SCoC)

ELPRO wishes to actively engage the supply chain by the adherence of all of our suppliers to the Supplier Code of Conduct that has been developed with recognition of the ten principles outlined in the United Nations Global Compact. We consider our Suppliers to be part of the SCoC and demand that they honor the same sustainability standards than ELPRO does. Please review these standards in the below document.
→ Supplier Code of Conduct (SCoC)

Ethical Code of Conduct for ELPRO Employees

At ELPRO binding principles of conduct for all employees apply. Sustainable business needs also to follow ethical principles. Essentially these are protection of human rights, compliance with applicable labor laws, fair working conditions, health and safety measures, the prevention of corruption and the qualification of employees.
→ Ethical Code of Conduct for ELPRO Employees

ELPRO Conflict Minerals Statement

ELPRO endeavors to not purchase any material that contains «conflict minerals» which directly or indirectly finance or benefit armed groups in the DRC or an adjoining country.
→ ELPRO Conflict Minerals Statement
→ ELPRO Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT)

Recycling of ELPRO Products

Environmental protection is a sustainable responsibility that ELPRO is committed to every day. As part of our corporate tasks, ELPRO has set certain achievable goals in recycling. They include prevention of pollutants in production processes, waste and material recycling of assembly as well as an environmentally friendly disposal of waste material.
→ Recycling of ELPRO Products

RoHS Compliance Declaration

RoHS: Directive on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (2011/65/EC). As part of a corporate environmental policy, ELPRO is keen to use raw materials as efficiently and economically as possible, and to find alternatives to hazardous substances. All ELPRO products meet the European Union Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS2) directive 2011/65/EC.

REACH Regulations

The regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 (REACH Regulations) is an EU Chemicals Ordinance which entered into force on 1. June 2007 and deals with the registration, assessment, authorization, and restriction of chemical substances.
→ REACH Regulations