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ELPRO supports the COVID vaccine challenging logistics requirements

ELPRO supports the COVID vaccine challenging logistics requirements

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24 Nov 2020

Preparations are underway across the world to prepare for the distribution of the COVID 19 vaccine. Recently at Brussels Airport, one of the biggest logistics hubs in Europe, staff demonstrated how the vaccine will be handled as it moves through the airport’s distribution center. The procedures include very strict temperature controlled conditions, including using an ELPRO LIBERO CD data logger for dry ice.

In the news story, the video (in the Dutch language), explains the airport’s preparations.

Watch video here

Temperature control has taken main stage in preparing supply chains for the vaccines. As known, if vaccines are not kept within required temperature specifications, the medicine can be rendered ineffective and useless. ELPRO is proud to provide one of the key components to temperature control of the COVID vaccine - LIBERO CD data logger for dry ice.

ELPRO collaborates with HAZGO, a dangerous goods specialty company who specializes in the domestic and international issues of dangerous goods logistics for the safe and efficient transport of dangerous materials.

Together with so many supply chain stakeholders, we look forward to lending our knowledge and products, stepping toward slowing down the pandemic.


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