Monitoring Solutions for Pharma and Healthcare.

At ELPRO, we take care of efficiency and compliance throughout your supply chain. We support our clients in making medicine safe for patients. 

ELPRO at a glance

Founded in 1986 by Alois Bischof, ELPRO is a Swiss-based, global manufacturer of innovative environmental monitoring solutions for the pharmaceutical, life science, biotech and health care industries.

ELPRO does not only offer state-of-the-art data loggers but also complex monitoring systems with intelligent database solutions, and overall GxP support. Automatically generated PDFs and high data security guarantee that customers worldwide can always stay compliant. ELPRO’s data loggers measure temperatures from -200 °C..+200 °C.

ELPRO's sales and technical support offices are located in Switzerland, US, Canada, UK, Germany, the Nordics, Benelux and Singapore, with 220 employees worldwide.

Our strongest assets are the teams we create to meet demanding customer requirements. Together we drive innovation and ensure compliance.

Philipp Osl (CEO)

Today there are many complexities and risks in the full lifecycle of a pharmaceutical medicine. What we can control are the environmental conditions that can affect the stability of medicines, like temperature and relative humidity.

With the right comprehensive data monitoring system to measure critical parameters, pharmaceutical manufacturers can assure patients with hard evidence their medicines have been safely handled throughout the complete supply chain.

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We are passionate about contributing to patient safety.

Martin Peter (Head of Strategy & Marketing, owner)

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