We are an innovative solutions provider for the monitoring of environmental conditions throughout the supply chain of perishable goods. With our products, our customers are able to monitor and document physical measurements compliance

with regulatory requirements. Monitoring means that we measure, record, and manage data and – based upon stability criteria – assess these data for release or alarm.

  • 22.Aug.2014
    ELPRO Workshop @ IQPC Boston

    ELPRO Services, Inc. hosts workshop at IQPC Boston event September 30th

  • 06.Aug.2014
    elproVIEWER Software 2014.7.1.0

    We are pleased to announce a new release of the elproVIEWER software. elproVIEWER allows presenting the embedded...

  • 30.Jun.2014
    liberoMANAGER v1.3.0

    ELPRO has updated its liberoMANAGER database service for collecting and analyzing temperature records created...