How to set-up your LIBERO Gx

Get started with your LIBERO Gx temperature (& humidity) monitoring solution with the steps below

Last Updated: June 17, 2021

The following steps will show you how to register, configure and connect LIBERO Gx devices. LIBERO Gx family includes LIBERO GE, GF, GH, GL and GS.

1: Register an account with ELPRO Cloud 

If you don't have an ELPRO Cloud account yet, you can read how to register an ELPRO Cloud account on this article.

2. Configure your LIBERO Gx real-time data logger 

Step 1: Add your sensor on the dashboard

  • Go to your dashboard in ELPRO Cloud


  • Click on Add sensor


  • Enter the unique serial number of the sensor. You can find the serial number on the module's front. Your module will be identified automatically.


☝️ Every sensor can only be set up once in one account.

Step 2: Configure Sensor basics

  • Set logging interval (by default 15 min). The logging interval determines, at which interval the sensor is logging temperature/humidity/position.

  • Set communication interval (minimum 2 hours). The communication interval determines, at which interval the measured data will be communicated into the ELPRO Cloud software. 

In the event of a temperature deviation, all LIBERO Gx loggers immediately transmit the data outside their 2-hour communication interval to the ELPRO Cloud software.

  • Temperature Unit: Choose between Celcis and Fahrenheit.
  • Quick view access: If you use the logger for transport monitoring, you could make use of the Quick view access function. If you activate it, the last run of the logger could be read out via the QR code on the logger without a login. More information could be found in our article on Quick View Access.
  • Click Next.

Step 3: Enter additional meta data for your sensor analysis

  • Fill in your preferred sensor name in line 1 (mandatory)

  • Free text lines 2-8 are optional: metadata may be shown on display and are included to your sensor analysis page and PDF reports

    • Click Next.

    Step 4: Configure alarm limits

    • Click on Use Limit profiles to activate alarm limits.

    • In the dropdown below, choose an existing limit profile or click on Create new Profile.

    • Enter a profile name.

    • Enter an upper limit (H1) and a lower limit (L1) value in Celcius or Fahrenheit. 

    • Choose under Delay(s) the amount of logging intervals, after which you would like to get an alarm. You may choose immediate alarming (0) or delayed alarming (1, 2, 3...).

    • For delayed alarming: fill in the number of logging intervals, after which you would like to receive an alarm. E.g. with 2 logging intervals of 15min, you will receive your alarm after 30 min.

    If you want to get immediate alarms, leave the Delay fields with 0. Please note that this setting will notify you of any deviations immediately, even if they are only a few seconds over the limits.

    • Choose how you would like to receive alarm notification (Email and/or SMS). Once you activate the notification, you will be able to choose the recipients in the dropdown list. If you would like to add new recipients, you first need to add the users to your user management.

    • Click Next.

    Loggers that have an additional sensor such as a humidity sensor or an external sensor, you have to enter the alarm limits for the second sensor accordingly in a second step. The procedure is exactly the same as for the first sensor.

    Step 5: Enter additional display texts (select additional display texts)

    You have the possibility to show additional display texts on any LIBERO Gx device before start, in transit and after stop.

    • You can either enter any free text of your choice or use the dropdown to select certain pre-defined values, such as the temperature profile name or any metadata you entered.

    • Make sure you stay within the display limit of 16 characters:

      • Points are allowed after first & until before 8th character and do not count as characters

      • Double points are allowed after 2nd, 4th, 6th characters and do not count as characters

      • If more than 8 characters, a second line will show

      • If longer than 16 characters, the rest is cut off.

      • Character set: .: 0-9 A-Z +-°*%/\|(){}

      • If not in characterset, character is missed

      • LIBERO Gx only displays CAPITAL characters

    • Click Next.

    Step 6: Select the Device Operation Mode

    • Start logging data by choosing one of the following options:

      • Start by pressing start button: You need to actively press the start button in order for LIBERO Gx to start logging temperature/humidity/position.

      • Start immediately: Once the logger is connected to ELPRO Cloud, it will immediately start logging temperature/humidity/position.

      • Start time-based (choose date and time): The logger will start logging temperature/humidity/position at your pre-set date & time.

    ☝️ Regardless of which startup mode you choose, LIBERO Gx always has first to connect to the ELPRO Cloud to obtain its configuration settings.

    • Set initial alarm activation by choosing one of the following options:

      • Immediately: as soon as logging is started, the alarm profile is activated, too. From this point on, you can receive alarm notifications about temperature/humidity deviations.

      • Time delay: The alarm delay is a multiple of the logging interval.The alarm delay is at least the duration of a logging interval.

      • Start button: as soon as you press the Start button, the alarm profile is activated, too. From this point on, you can receive alarm notifications about temperature/humidity deviations.

    ☝️ If you have set the Start Logging and your Alarm Activation settings, both by pressing the "Start Button", you have to press the Start button twice to fully activate logging & alarming.

    • Stop transit is currently always by pressing the stop button.

    • Multi-use settings (not applicable for LIBERO GS) are currently always set on "Re-configure".

      • Re-Configure means that new runs always need to be activated in ELPRO Cloud by setting a new configuration. Please read more here on how to start a new run and re-configure LIBERO Gx.

      • Re-Start: We are currently working on a feature to start a new run directly on the logger itself with the same configuration.  Re-Start cannot be set for start logging options «immediately» and «time based». Please note: option "re-start" is foreseen for an update soon and not yet

    • Click Next.

    Step 7: Check the summary for correct configuration

    • Check the summary for correct configuration ...

    • ...and click apply configuration in order to send it to your device
    • Follow the instructions, to connect your logger with ELPRO Cloud.

    ❌ It is not appropriate to change the configuration of the logger in transit. If the device is not started, you may change the configuration by deleting the sensor and adding it again.

    Please do not delete sensors in transit as they might temporarily be without network connection. We strongly recommend to wait until the device arrives and is stopped.

    3. Connect your LIBERO Gx to ELPRO Cloud

    After registration, make sure that you have defined the settings of the sensor in the ELPRO Cloud software and the image below is shown. Now you have 12 hours to connect your module to ELPRO Cloud via the following steps

    • The pairing screen in the software informs you, that your Logger is now ready for configuartion..
    • Press the start button for 3 seconds to initiate your device.
    • When you configure the device the first time it stands on the CONFIG device. When you reconfigure the device, the device is STOPPED.
    • Wait 1-2 min until sending was successful (with bad network connection it might take longer).
    • As soon as the logger has connected, it follows your selected operating settings (according to step 6 on this page).

    Important: The sensor has to be connected within 12 hours. If you miss the 12 hour time window, you have to delete the sensor and create it again.

    If you are having trouble trying to connect your sensor, try manually bringing the configuration to the logger. If this does not work, please delete the sensor again and try again. If it still doesn't work after that, please create a support ticket.

    4. Get configuration manually 

    If the configuration is not automatically on the LIBERO Gx Logger, you can also retrieve the configuration manually from ELPRO Cloud.
    • To get the configuartion directly, press the Menu button for 3 seconds
    • Navigate through the menu by pressing the menu button shortly until "GET CONFI"

    • Press Menu button again for 3 seconds to start transmitting and wait for display "CONF OK

      If you have problems trying to connect your sensor, please delete the sensor and try again. If it still doesn't work after that, please create a support ticket