Dashboard overview ELPRO Cloud

This article explains the ELPRO Cloud Dashboard functions.

Last Updated: August 10, 2021

Table of Content
  1. Dashboard Overview
  2. Sensor Menu
  3. Sensor blurred out
  4. LIBERO Gx device states

The dashboard provides you with a good overview on the status of all your sensors. Each sensor is represented by a separate tile. If you would like to add a new sensor, follow the instructions in this article.

With update to ELPRO Cloud V 2.0, you will find a new filter for "Sensor Groups" in your dashboard. Please go to the chapter Sensor Groups for more information.


Dashboard Overview

For each sensor you can see

  • its current value

  • configured alarm limits

  • the sensor's name

Dashboard_Tile 01

  • Furthermore, the sensor's alarm status is visualized. The background color indicates whether there is an active alarm or warning for the corresponding sensor:Dashboard_Background color

  • Colored icons in the top part indicate whether there are unacknowledged alarms or warnings for the corresponding sensor:Dashboard_Unacknowledged Alarms or Warnings-1

  • If all alarms or warnings, respectively, have been acknowledged, but there are still active incidents, this is indicated by the following icons in grey:Dashboard_Active Alarms or Warnings but all acknowledged

  • By clicking on this Icon  zzz_Icon_Menu , you will open the sensor menu.

Sensor Menu

The sensor menu can be accessed from the Dashboard by clicking on the icon located in the upper right corner of the tile representing the corresponding sensor:

Dashboard_Sensor menu closed and open

The sensor menu offers the following, sensor-related functions:

  • Analyse: Open the sensor analysis view

  • Summary: Open the sensor configuration summary page
  • Deactivate alarming / Activate alarming: Switch alarming off/on

  • Configuration: Open the sensor configuration wizard

  • Replace sensor: Replace the module with another, e.g. with a newly calibrated, sensor module

  • Manage license: Open the license overview page

  • Delete: Delete the sensor including all data

Why is my sensor blurred out?

From the first day after the license expires without renewal, the readings of this sensor in the dashboard will be blurred out and the alert will be disabled (see picture below). However, the recording will continue. Please find more information on your license renewal on this page.


What are the LIBERO Gx device states?

For LIBERO Gx, the dashboard displays the different device states:

CONFIG PENDING: device is no longer in shelf life, waiting for its configuration.

START: depending on the activation mode, the device will enter into DELAY or TRANSIT.

DELAY: device successfully configured with a configured starting delay.

TRANSIT: device and measurement started, alarming activated.

ARRIVED: Pressing the “Stop” button for devices in transit the first time, the device will enter arrived mode. The run icon on the display disappears. The device will still log and communicate (interval 2 hours) for 72 hours or until stopped.

STOPPED: After pressing the “Stop” button for the second time, the device is stopped. In stop mode, the device will not log measurement data. The device communicates at a reduced interval (12 hours) for 24 hours.

CONFIG ERROR: configuration not successfully transmitted.

Please find more details on LIBERO Gx device states here.