How to manage sensor groups

Under "Settings" --> "Sensor Groups" you can manage all your sensors and create groups & sub-groups for your organisation.

In your settings, you will find a navigation entry "Sensor Groups". All existing sensors will automatically be available.

You can see all existing sensor groups and sub-groups in a tree view:


Click on "Settings" --> "Sensor Groups" opens the sensor group overview tree view page.

Always available is the highest hierarchy: "All Sensors". Click on "All Sensors" shows a list of all available sensors in your organization next to the groups list.

The sensors assigned to one selected sensor group are displayed in a field next to the sensor group tree view when selecting one group or sub-group.

How to manage sensor groups:

You can add new groups, sub-groups or sub-sub-groups by the "Add Sensor Group" button:

Name the group, add a memo (optional), and make it a sub-group (optional) by selecting a parent group. You may also select a sub-group as parent group. Finish by the "Save" button.


At the end of an entry in the table of existing groups are dedicated Icons for editing:


Add Sub Group, Rename Group, Delete Group

Add group: adds a new sub-group, the name can be entered.
Edit group: you can enter a new group name or select a different parent group.
Delete group: deletes the group and all sub groups, a message appears to ask again if the user wants to delete the group. Deleting must be confirmed by password.

How to sort groups:

You are able to sort groups and sub-groups by drag & drop, simply select with your finger and move, or click with your mouse and move. It is important to save the new order by the save button:


You can assign one or more sensors to a sensor group by drag & drop, simply select a sensor with your finger and move, or click with your mouse and move.

A dialog opens to confirm assigning the sensor to a group:


In your dashboard, the selected & saved order is displayed to you:


You are able to filter the content of the dashboard by sensor groups:


  1. One or more sensor groups can be selected in the dashboard
  2. Only the sensors of the selected sensor groups are displayed, the sensors are grouped by the individual sensor groups selected
  3. If you want to clear the dashboard view, please click "Clear" and then "Apply".