Quick view access for LIBERO Gx

You are able to check your device status during transit without login:
Go to liberog.elpro.com and enter your device ID (on front of the device).
You are also able to simply scan the QR code on front of the device with a QR code scanner app and the page will open automatically.
Quick view allows everyone during transport to check the status, for example a driver or logistician. Should you wish to activate quick view, please go to your organization settings to allow the quick view access (Opt-in required, view is not allowed by default).

In addition, it is possible to limit quick view to the last run only during sensor configuration for  LIBERO Gx multi-use devices.

☝️ Smartphone Tip: Optimized mobile view for liberog.elpro.com will be available soon. Currently, please request the desktop website in your browser.

Open the browser menu and select “Request desktop website":

Example for LIBERO Gx Quick View Access

The following example shows the contents of a "Quick View" status page.