How to manage organization settings

Under "Settings" --> "Organization" you can see and modify your organization details as well as organization-wide settings.


Organization details currently comprise

  • your organization's name,
  • its address,
  • its UID or VAT number.

In addition, you may allow or disable the use of Prepaid for your organization:

2prepaid enabled


How to activate the LIBERO Gx quick view

Quick view allows for checking the device status of LIBERO Gx without login. Simply click the checkbox and save your settings.


By default, the quick view is not allowed:


More about LIBERO Gx quick view can be found here.


As organization-wide settings you can define:

  • Session timeout in minutes: The user will automatically be logged out after the specified duration of inactivity. Automated logouts are both, a security feature but also a GxP requirement.
  • Default temperature unit: Specify whether °C or °F shall be preselected for new temperature sensors. You can still overwrite the default setting when adding a new sensor to your organization account.