Invoices & Cards

How to update credit cards, prepaid and payment settings

Under "Settings" --> "Invoices & Cards" you can manage your credit cards, prepaid and download invoices for your payments made in ELPRO Cloud.


Credit cards are listed in the upper table.

In order to add a new credit card, click on the "Add Credit Card" button in the upper right corner. A form will be shown where you can specify your card details, namely the credit card number, name on card, expiry date and CVC.


In order to delete a credit card, click on the Delete icon Delete-Icon next to the corresponding card entry. A security message will be prompted which you have to confirm before the card is deleted.


How to use Prepaid

In Version 1.2.0, credit card information is still required. It will not be charged when using prepaid.
With update to Version 2.0.0, you can use prepaid without credit card.

First, go to "Settings" --> "Organization".


There you can enable or disable the use of prepaid credit.

2prepaid enabled

Afterwards, please go back go to "Settings" --> "Invoices & Cards".



You can find your prepaid just below credit cards:

In order to add new prepaid credit, please click the Recharge icon recharge-icon-1 on the right side.

4Prepaid recharge

Please enter the Voucher code of your purchased prepaid credit and click the Submit button as soon as you have entered your code. Subsequently, please check the terms of use box and click Recharge to save your prepaid.

5Prepaid recharge step2

Now, you can use your prepaid for payments, for example when adding new sensors.


The history of all your payments are listed in the final table.

In order to download invoices related to credit card payments click on the Invoice icon Invoice-Icon next to the corresponding payment. Your invoice will open in a new window.