How to manage user profile settings

The user profile page, which you can reach via "Settings" --> "User Profile" is organized in three sections:



In the first section "User" you can see and change your first name, last name, email address and mobile phone number (for SMS messages). 


In the second section "User settings" you can specify the following settings related to your account:

  • Time zone: only in the settings, the UTC value always refers to normal time and is not adjusted to daylight saving time.
    If a location has daylight saving time, the value in the menu bar on the left and in all reports/pages will be adjusted automatically.
    All date and time values shown in the user interface (e.g. in the sensor analysis view or deviation details) as well as manually created reports will be converted to the specified time zone.

Remark: ELPRO Cloud stores all date and time values in UTC+0 in the database.

  • User interface language: UI language for the web application. As of 2021, the only UI language available is English.

In the third section "Reset password" you can change your password by entering the current password followed by the new password (2x).

Note: If you have forgotten your login password you can reset it directly from the login screen by clicking on "Reset password".