Delete sensors in ELPRO Cloud

Deleting devices in your account

  • Deleting of devices will delete all measurement data and runs. Deleting of devices providing two sensors will always delete both sensors. 

  • Should you delete a running device in your ELPRO Cloud account that currently has no network connection, your device will stay in running mode until it has connection and receives this information. We recommend not to delete devices in transit you cannot access.

  • How to delete a LIBERO Gx and add the device again:

    • First, delete the sensor in your ELPRO Cloud account via the dashboard.
    • Should you delete a running device for setting a new configuration, you may wait for the device to receive its deleting information. Hence, the device would go to shelf life. If you want to set it to shelf life directly, go to the menu and press FCT.RESET for >3 seconds.

      The menu item FCT.RESET hast to be confirmed by shortly pressing the Info button again.

    • Add device again in your ELPRO Cloud account via the dashboard: configure and pair your device as you would add a new device.

IMPORTANT: If you delete ECOLOG-PRO sensors, you will also lose the license for the sensor.