How to start a new run and re-configure LIBERO Gx

1. Put LIBERO Gx in STOPP Mode

If you would like to re-configure LIBERO Gx, you will first need to put the logger into stopped mode.

  • If your LIBERO Gx is currently in transit, press Start/Stop button for 3 Seconds. Your LIBERO Gx should now show ARRIVED.
  • Press Start/Stop button for 3 seconds again. Your LIBERO Gx should now show STOPPED.

2. Start a new run in ELPRO Cloud Software

  • New runs can be configured in the dashboard via the sensor menu hamburger.
  • Select Start new run in order to configure the new run.

3. Re-configure your LIBERO Gx

Follow the same steps to re-configure your LIBERO Gx as you did when you set-up your Logger the first time. You can read how to configure LIBERO Gx in this article.