Analyze sensor data & create reports

This article explains the sensor analysis & the reporting functionality.

Last Updated: September 11, 2020

Table of Content
  1. How to analyze the measures data
  2. How to create a data report

How to analyze the sensor

To open the sensor analysis view, simply click on the tile representing the corresponding sensor in the Dashboard view or select Analysis from the sensor menu.

2019-11-12 16_32_40-elproCLOUD_Sensor Analysis_combined

The first section Sensor Analysis Period allows specifying the time range that should be considered for the analysis. Either select one of the presets Last 7 Days, Previous Week, Previous Calendar Month, Previous Year or specify an individual time range via the input fields. Click Show to update the analysis view.

The buttons Previous and Next allow jumping backward and forward in the selected range, i.e. when the last 7 days were selected, Previous will show the 7 days prior to the last 7 days.

In the second section Chart the measurement values for the selected period are shown. Furthermore, alarm limits are clearly marked via horizontal lines in red. "Reloaded values", i.e. measurement values that were not delivered in the defined interval, e.g. due to an interruption of the radio Connection, are marked with a light-green background. Measurement values during times with deactivated alarming are marked with a grey background.

You may zoom in the chart via clicking and moving the mouse pointer. Be aware that the analysis time range is not adapted, but only the chart view is updated. You may return to the original time range specified in the first section by clicking the "Reset zoom" button in the chart (see image below).

2019-11-12 16_44_37-elproCLOUD_Sensor Analysis_Reset zoom

The third section Statistics provides relevant statistical parameters for the selected sensor and the time range specified in the first section.

The fourth section on Events finally lists all entries from the audit trail related to the selected sensor during the time range specified in the first section.

How to create a data report

  • Make sure you have accessed the sensor analysis view and you have filtered the data according to your needs (explained above).

  • Click on Report and the current view which you filtered will be exported into a PDF file.

  • Please click the screen below to find a sample report.