Deal with deviations

Get an overview on how to view deviations and acknowledge them.

Last Updated: September 11, 2020

Table of Content
  1. Access deviations in your deviations menu
  2. Analysing a deviation
  3. How to acknowledge a deviation

1. Access deviations in the deviations menu

  • The list of deviations can be accessed via the menu item Deviations.
    2019-11-12 17_01_50-elproCLOUD_Deviations list
  • The list is divided into deviations that are still Active and deviations that are already Inactive, meaning values returned to good, either in terms of alarm limits or other triggering parameters like e.g. the radio connection strength.
  • If you use the option Filter and Sorting the list can be reduced to a specific time range, either by selecting one of the presets Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days or All or via specifying an individual time range via the corresponding input fields.

  • By selecting the option Active or unacknowledged deviations only, the inactive deviations that have already been acknowledged will disappear from the list.
  • Click Show to update the list.

2. Analysing a deviation

  • Once you have filtered the deviations list as explained above, you can click on the name of one deviation. This will open the deviation details view for the selected deviation.
    2019-11-12 17_30_45-elproCLOUD_Deviation details
  • In the page's top section you can see the most important details about the deviation. The tiles and values may vary depending on the type of deviation. In case of the deviation shown in the image above (upper limit alarm), it's the highest temperature value measured and the deviation's duration.

  • If the deviation has not been acknowledged yet, you may access the acknowledgement form directly via the button Acknowledge.

  • The section Chart displays the measurement curve prior to, during and after the deviation, with the beginning of the deviation marked by a vertical line in red and its end marked by a vertical line in grey.

  • Please note that in the example above the start date of the deviation does not match the timestamp of the the first value exceeding the upper alarm limit. This is due to an upper limit alarm delay configured for the sensor.

  • In the section "Events" all entries from the audit trail related to the selected deviation are shown.

3. How to acknowledge deviations

  • The form to acknowledge a deviation can be accessed in two ways:
    • Via the page "Deviations", where all deviations are displayed, one or more deviations can be selected on the left side. Then click on "Acknowledge" in the upper left corner.
    • Via the view of the deviation details for a single selected deviation, which is opened by clicking on it. Then click "Acknowledge" at the top.
  • Once a deviation has been acknowledged, the list will indicate who did it and when (see figure below).
    • 2019-11-12 17_02_23-elproCLOUD_Deviation already acknowledged
  • In order to acknowledge a deviation you must:
    • Enter a comment in line with your Quality SOPs (usually, the comment should describe the reason that caused the deviation as well as a rating of the deviation's impact on the quality of the goods monitored)
    • Enter your password.
    • Then click Acknowledge.

        2019-11-12 17_43_44-elproCLOUD_Acknowledge