System overview ECOLOG-PRO Wired

Modular, scalable solution with the wired and powerful ECOLOG-PRO Wired data loggers.

Manage various sites with a single integrated solution. Full access to server and database infrastructure offers flexibile integration with any other system.

The following devices are available within the range of ECOLOG-PRO Wired:

ECOLOG-PRO LBR Communication and power module. It has a RJ45 and a power supply connector. (AC adapter and LAN cable not included.)
ECOLOG-PRO 4PT Temperature measurement module. The module has 4 inputs for Pt100 temperature sensors. Validation certificate included.
ECOLOG-PRO 4MA Measurement module for analog signals. The module has 4 inputs for standard 4..20 mA signals. The monitored transmitters can be powered by the module or by an external power supply. Validation certificate included.
ECOLOG-PRO 2TH Measurement module for temperature and rel. humidity. The module has 2 inputs for T / RH sensors.
ECOLOG-PRO 4DO Module with 4 contact outputs for alarm forwarding. The contact outputs are toggle switches (NO / NC).
ECOLOG-PRO 4DI Module with 4 contact inputs (digital inputs). The monitored contacts are powered by the module.